A Lazy Sunday

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Ok so I was meant to go ice skating with friends in Guildford (despite the fact that I can’t skate!!!) However this never got finalised, plus the fact that Sam never got back to Lizzie if he was coming or not she ended up staying in her flat in Guildford… So glad I sent a text to Lizzie before heading out anywhere (not that I was gonna put my DS down. Hehe.)

Ended up tidying my room due to it being a mess and still not having put stuff away from my trip to Japan (YES I WENT TO JAPAN!!! WAS SO FUN! I wanna head back…) My wardrobe was almost empty when I went, so it gave me a blank canvas to work with when I had to store all my clothes (plus new ones) when I came back. The next two major areas were above the cupboard where I keep documents and stuff I don’t really use.

Oh you mustn’t forget about JaeJung either!

That was before I tidied, notice I just dumped bottles, jars and bags anywhere? Now look at it after I’ve tidied up :)

Ok so its not much of a big difference, plus the fact it’s not what it looks like. The major difference I’ve done is cleared up all the dust that was there. I’ve also replaced that Christmas box with my Kokeshi dolls and basically stacked everything small in the shelving units. (I swear I keep my life in cardboard boxes… I have this thing for packaging O_O Notice them bags an the plastic cover for the spoon? That was part of my gift which I haven’t thrown out… I’ve managed to throw out the Kokeshi Doll packaging though! Woo!)

Look how hawt JJ is looking drinking that beer of his ahahahaha!

Next up to be tidied was the shelves by the door. This had a lot of tid-bits on here which needed to be put away. The thing with me is I like to start with a blank canvas. So what do I do first? Chuck everything on the floor of course and clean off all the dust! :D

Stacked all the big items on he shelf first and then tidied all the small items in the boxes before building the puzzle piece up. For the top shelf I placed all of my ornaments for show hehe. I even got out all the items I bought in Japan to build and arranged them to fit on my little shelf. Yay! (I forgot to take a photo of the final look of the shelf because I got carried away taking photos of the little figurines!

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