The Airspace Crisis

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So I was driving home from work and was listening to the radio with my brother in the car. The news was on and one of the stories which got us thinking was about Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption causing havoc across European air space. This left many travellers on their Easter break stranded in various countries around the globe, people who were meant to fly out annoyed and companies frustrated due to assignments unable to be delivered. Even though Air Traffic Control closed airspace due to safety reasons -and to save the airline companies from forking out millions to fix planes if they were to get damaged during transit- people are now complaining about the fact that they were too cautious and could have let people on flights earlier than today. I’d say it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Should Air Control have let plane flights fly on schedule a few days earlier, who knows what would have happened? The ash was still in the sky and wasn’t exactly all cleared yet. Therefore there was still a chance of sediments getting stuck in the turbines of the plane. What would people say then if their loved ones were to crash hmmm?? I find it interesting how humans can complain about things without thinking in the shoes of other people… I doubt they’d still be complaining about the cancellation of planes if there was an “accident” (you’d never know!) happened.

Tell me your thoughts. :)

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