Day out in Greenwich

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I came back exhausted yesterday and basically crashed in bed after I had a nice shower to warm me up from being in he rain all day…

Why? Greenwich, London. British weather. Sucks.

IMG 2270I went to see my friends who happen to mostly be Londoners (maybe I should move there lol!) and Dee decided it’ll be nice to go visit Greenwich and go to the park for a picnic. However we knew it was going to rain that day so there was a change of plans. We went to Greenwich MArket for some lunch, I couldn’t believe there was so much variety in one little market! We tried Brazillian, Polish, Japanese, English, many many Steak and Chicken sandwiches plus smoothies and milkshakes. YUMMY! I loved it :D
[Image of Chunqie drink his milkshake!]

I also bought a new scarf from this shop called Silk Route. The lady in there was really nice, Alex wanted to buy the same scarf for his mother’s birthday today and although we thought the purple Grape scarf was the last in the shop, when we (Alex and I) walked around the market in search of our friends we actually noticed that there the exact same scarf on display outside! We were so happy to be able to find it. I think the lady found us funny when I walked in and go “Hi, yanno that purple I bought earlier?” “Yes.” “We just saw another one outside on display… Could we buy it please?” “… o.O Oh yes sure!” ahahaha! It was funny seeing the confused look on her face! So Alex managed to buy his mum this pretty and soft scarf and also this beautiful hand-made glass pendant necklace. I hope she likes them!

After the market we headed to the park to play rounders and some frisbee. There was also the boat ride, but after seeing the size of the small “lake” (it was more of a pond lol!) we decided it was a waste of money. (I mean, I called it playing bumper boats ahaha!) I should have taken a photo of the tiny lake but I wanted to play rounders before it rained. We had a lot of fun but my team (the non-checkered shirts) lost badly sine we kept getting caught out and not really hitting the soft ball hard enough :( Still it’s all about the fun and the teamwork!

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This is some of us after a long game of rounders and frisbee :D
Chunqie is jumping on top of us ahaha!

We then went up the hill where you can see the whole of Greeenwich. It was a beautiful site, there were so many tourists! Unbelievable. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG 2271IMG 2272IMG 2281

IMG 2273
The full gang chilling out at the top of the mountain :D

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It was so sunny when we got to the top! And when we headed back down, it started pouring it down with rain ;-;

IMG 2289
Couldn’t miss the 24 hour clock now could we?


IMG 2291IMG 2293

IMG 2294I had a BluWoo!

This is a mix of a Blue Lagoon and a Woo Woo. Try it sometime! Was really tasty! My friends thought I was weird how I just grabbed the two pitchers and started mixing them up in my glass but seriously this is a wonderful drink! If my brother hadn’t introduced it to me I wouldn’t even know about it! I mean it was my brother who invented this drink!! Ehehehehe!

It taste like a mix of blackcurrent and lemonade with a bit of a punch :) Very yummy! I could drink this all day! (Although I’d be really drunk ^^;;)

IMG 2295
We played card games, Big2 to be precise (there were my Lucky Star cards! :D) We also did the Chinese drinking game of 15/20. It’s a fairly simple game and it’ll take me a while to teach it. Ask your local asian ahaha!

IMG 2297

Later we got hungry so we went to a Chinese restaurant called Tai Won Mein (it reminded me of Wagamamas but is 10 times better!) The portions in this place were HUGE! See my pic? I guess it goes with the name, 大碗麵 Means big bowl noodles. :)

IMG 2296

Not a very good pic but we managed to get the waitress to take a photo for us ehehe! Some of us didn’t get our meals yet. Can you see the size of them bowls and plates?!

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It was time to say goodbye with a cool pic of STAR-FINGERS There was also a feet one but we hadn’t posed for that one ahaha!

It was a fun day out :D I throughly enjoyed myself. Too bad we all came home with sore legs and arms from running around the park. T’was a really fun day. I shall see them all at the Anime Expo May 2010 soon!

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