Desktop Publishers

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So I was looking for a way that allowed me to blog from my desktop and not have to enter the admin page on my website all the time to blog. This isn’t because I’m lazy, it’s just the fact that I easily get side-tracked when I open a browser…

I therefore did some research and found this helpful blog post which listed some blogging platforms:

I found it very useful and had a look into them. However from the comments from other users I found BlogDesk instead which does the same functions as the ones mentioned in the blogpost but incorporates image uploads as well.
The UI of the program is clean and simple to use, in fact it’s very similar to Microsoft Word I must say! Therefore it has my vote and has won me over the rest.

It works with most major blogging platforms and allows you to blog offline whenever, wherever you are!

I shall be using this publisher from now on and possibly blog about the ADS and CONS to using this platform in the upcoming month.

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