Pool Paaaaarteh~!

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Woo~! Just came back from a lovely day in with friends at a friend’s new house in Oxted. Such a wonderful little(I mean huge…literally) house it was and such beautiful weather!!! Gorgeous sunrays gave me a right big tan! O_O I never thought I could tan so much! My skin is naturally dark which some people love, yet I don’t as much… (I guess it’s because I wanna try being pale to see what it’ll be like) I used to look like I was from Malaysia now I look like I’ from Africa… (ok exaggerating here but you know what I mean. I’ve gotten darker…)

Apart from getting tans and others getting sun burnt we were basically in playing in the water all day. It was great fun! Look at the size of that pool!

IMG 2311

IMG 2315We had a little BBQ for lunch. Hats off to the chef who cooked the yummy burgers for us. There was also a lot of tasty nibbles which I think we managed to finish off! I know the mini popadoms were a big hit as the bowl was empty in 3 seconds literally after being filled… There were also doughnuts, flapjacks, brownies, cookies, caramel slices, rocky road chunks, makes me go nom-nom-nom!

After being fed, most of us sat on the grass chatting away. We noticed the girl to boy ratio was quite different today as there were many more girls than they were boys. Usually this isn’t the case as the boys would normally out number the girls! Not this time though! Haha!

IMG 2316

Just look at the lovely ladies chiling out in the garden. Yes they are inflatable chairs, yes they are meant for the pool, yes we had just taken them out of the pool to sit on since we were low on chairs XP They were so comfy to sit in though! Craig was sitting on one and had his feet on the other. Next thing was Mark running up behind him with a huge bucket of water! SPLASH! It was hilarious.

There was also a water gun lying around which caused a lot of moments when the Benny Hill theme had to be played. Classic. Loved it so much watching the guys run around being chased by the dude with the ULTRA-ZOMG-ULTIMATE-SEXILICIOUS-MEGA-SUPAH-DUPAH-SOAKER! (Which Adam broke near the end of the day *crys*)

IMG 2323

We can still enjoy this lovely image modelled by Craig with the ULTRA-ZOMG-ULTIMATE-SEXILICIOUS-MEGA-SUPAH-DUPAH-SOAKER though!!

When the Soaker was still alive it was used to shoot cans. Yes, like you do in them shooting alleys. We turned James’ swimming pool into a fairground…

IMG 2319IMG 2320

As you can see from the photos above, the game was basically aim the frisbee at the cans on and see how many you can knock down. There was even a £10 prize for the person who was able to knock them all down in one throw! Unfortunately the most that was able to be knocked down at one time was 6 cans. So no one was able to take Vickie’s £10 cash prize. Shame.

IMG 2326Afterwards the boys went to play their card game Civilazation (I got gangbanged last time I played ;-; The guys saw me building a huge army and all attacked me. Dangit!) whilst the girls went indoors to watch a film. :)

Just look at how everyone is crowding around the table ready to play the game… Immense battle which was won by Vinnie. Woo~

IMG 2327The view from the house is amazing there are so many fields and just greenery everywhere! It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t say more. I’d just love to live in a house like this for the spectacular view! Alas I am not rich (yet!).
I just need to work harder and find lots of money. Yes I’ll do just that! *nods* Saw many people walking their dogs through this field yesterday. Apparently many do and people also ride their horses here. The only thing they were worried about was something coming to build on it. Noo! We cannot let that happen! Would be devastating!

IMG 2332They even had a window seat! I’ve always wanted one of these in the house since they are so so comfy! With the wonderful scenery and the calm weather I could just sit there and sleep for the whole afternoon!

There was also Wisteria growing outside and their scent travels through the windows into the lounge. It was lovely, absolutely lovely. It smelt great! What a great environment it was to watch a film <3

Dinner time drew near and even though it was around 7pm in the evening it was only starting to get dark! (That’s summer for you!) We made a team effort fruit salad where everyone grabbed a piece of fruit and prepared it expertly for the salad. I did Melon balls :D They were really sweet!

IMG 2333IMG 2334

IMG 2336

This was James making the fruit salad after everyone had prepared all the different types of fruit.

Ingredients included the following:

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Melon
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Orange Juice

Now just mix it all up and shove it in the fridge for at least 5 minutes to chill before consuming. Tasty!

We added some lemon juice on top to get the flavours of the fruit out but I think it ruined the taste of the Strawberries a tad :( They weren’t as sweet as I had expected…

IMG 2338

Mark got the barbecue going again and threw on some Chicken and Chipolatas for the buns. Kiri also made French Bread with a Garlic dip. Was yummy!

People had to ask for seconds because they were so hungry! However the barbecue was starting to go out by this time and thus we had to place the remaining pieces of Chicken in the Aga… First time I ever saw one of these heated up the whole room despite having the door wide open! No wonder they were used as central heating in the olden times!

IMG 2331

Now I’ll say goodbye while I’ll just go sleep on the cushions by the window!

Before I do though please visit my lovely Biu Mui’s (Myni) blog which she made recently due to the blogging hype I got her into! Ehehe! She blogs about her daily life which can be rather interesting! Click here now >>Myniquebuh.com

Thank you! Until next time I blog, ta-ta for now!

-Keki xxx

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