Who will you be voting for?

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May 6th 2010 - VoteI voted for the first time ever today O_O Never really voted before… (I mean my mum sent of my voting forms this year and my brother dragged me to the ballot polls…) so it was a new experience for me. Really simple! Just hand in your form to the lovely grandma and granddad (not literally) behind the desk (whilst ignoring the other granny and grandpa who aren’t busy and wait behind a queue) and take the piece of paper they give you. They then show you to the voting stands (which were literally behind where you’re standing), you then mark a big X in the box of the party you wish to vote for (not cross off the ones you don’t like and leave a space on the one you wish to vote for or add on a different party name on the bottom -e.g. BNP and then tick that. Don’t even vote for a random party that you know won’t get in, who knows? They might just do by your one vote! – This was what students did at the mock election at my cousin’s school…lol). After that you chuck your voting paper in the ballot box (marked with huge writing so even blind people can see it; but I didn’t and was going to the other box across the room when I got called back to place it in the one closer to me…) and the deed is done!

Time to wait for the results to be tallied and broadcasted on TV!

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