Anime Expo May 2010

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I went to the MCM Expo on Sunday, the last day of May (31/05/2010)! It was good fun! Went with 3 of my friends where one came all the way from Newquay!! She flew over on Saturday and stayed round my house (got woken up by her and was then attacked with tickles lol). We got up early to catch the train but unfortunately when we changed we caught the slower train making us late 9 Nevertheless after getting slightly lost we managed to get there in the end : There were many people there plus lots of cosplayers! Though I didn’t have time to stop, whip out my camera and snap because I was too busy either walking or staring in awe LOL There was a Jack Sparrow who was being filmed because he was acting exactly like him! So good he was filmed by the Expo staff ^_______^

I ended purchasing a bunny ear hat, some tattoos and the Deathnote DVD set. Didn’t really want to buy any more plushies or figurines due to the lack of space D: Maybe next time I’ll try and open a stall for business n___n

-Keki xxx

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