Tooting, Wimbledon, London and the like…

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Day 1

On Saturday 19th June 2010 I went out on a train journey with my friend Kiri to go visit our friend Lynn who is currently doing a Masters in Bio Chemistry at London Imperial College :) (So Clever!)

The journey there did not go so well… ( ̄へ ̄)

Kiri and I were chatting on the train so much we ended up missing our stop! It was one of those times when you doubt yourself.
Kiri: “Oh… is this our…” *train starts to move and the sign displaying ‘Tooting’ can be seen* “stop…yup. We missed it.”

We got off at Streatham and had to ask someone when the next train was “11:37” he says, thus we went out to find a bus hoping it’ll be quicker… Oh boy were we wrong! Ended up walking the totally wrong way on the high street and not being able to find the correct bus stop. After 30 mins of pointless walking we walked back to the  train station hoping to catch the 11:37 train, but as soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs the train started to leave and this was at 11:34! Looked up to the digital sign and flashing on it was the 11:35 train. The guy lied to us! We both gave up and just sat in the waiting room for another half an hour for the next train to Tooting (We only wanted to go back the 10 mins we came from!) This time both of us didn’t talk and just waited so we didn’t miss the train, plus our stop when on the train. (lol!)

After finally arriving (an hour late) we managed to meet up with Lynn and Becky. (Becky being able to arrive on time despite being the one who came furthest away (*´ο`*)=3)
By this time it was way past noon and both of us were starving so Lynn had to serve us some lunch as soon as we arrived in her flat and had a quick tour! (So impolite I know…  (,,#゚Д゚):∴;’・,;`:) The classic Cheese & Beans on Toast! It was so so yummy! I texted mum to say I arrived and was safe, plus what I was doing blah blah (you know how mothers are) and she had the nerve to respond back with Beans on Toast wasn’t a proper lunch!!! Ok fine, so she cooks me stuff like congee, rice or noodles for lunch but I’m visiting a British friend! This I consider normal and proper in my opinion… Anyway, after the toast Lynn served up Chocolate & Vanilla marble loaf cake! It was delicious! Too bad she totally forgot about party bags and the like so she didn’t had to be stuck each it for the rest of the week (although it’s a tasty dish ehehe!) Afterwards the 4 of us went into Wimbledon to go shopping. Kiri and Lynn ended up chatting and waiting for Bex and I to shop in H&M (It was so busy! Such long queues in the changing rooms and the tills…)
All of us came home with one item though! I bought a top for my friend’s birthday (I remember her wanting to buy it but I didn’t let her because it was too expensive and she “didn’t need it” haha! I actually have bought her something else already but the top was on offer and it’s so pretty so I had to get it!) I also managed to buy my mum’s birthday present! It’s a pretty dark dress with a big sash for a bow by the collar by ChilliPeppers from Debenhams. Since I had bought items for other people I thought I should get something for myself. As Kiri says, “Amy only buys things for other people. When we went to Japan she literally was thinking about her family and who this could be bought for but never for herself…” Hmmm… maybe I just don’t like spending lots of money on myself perhaps?? I seem to have a hard time parting with it! ☆⌒(>。≪)イタイ
I ended up purchasing Series 1&2 of Black Books (Such a good sit-com :D) and also the book ‘Simon’s Cat‘ who has had over thirty million hits on youtube! (His cat is so funny!) I had read this book at Kiri’s sister’s place and had to get a copy of my own when I saw it on the shelves of HMV! *Giggles* ( ´∀`)

We ordered Pizza for dinner which took ages because the 50% off voucher was only for collection so we had to reorder for the voucher to become valid. EFFORT! At least it was yummy pizza so I guess it was worth it :) We also had alchopops and some Rosé wine to compliment go with our dinner. (Which reminds me, I brought the Peach Schnapps home… Could whip that out!)

Day 2

The pull-out bed in her lounge was actually very comfy and the duvet was so warm! I had to share with Bex and apparently I snored a bit… Sorry!

We woke at around 10am and Lynn made us all toast. After we chatted about work, housemates, random things and then watched some TV before having Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch. All hand-cooked by Lynnie! (I feel bad for not helping or doing anything but eating and sleeping at her flat D: When I have a place of my own I’ll invite them all over and be a very nice host!) Although not being a big fan of curry I found this tasty and it wasn’t hot at all. It had this small Lemon/Lime hint to it though but she confirmed that no juice was included in production so maybe it’s just me… For dessert she made us Chocolate Fondant (her very first time) and it came out excellent! The goo in the center wasn’t too runny or too thick but just right. Although it did burn the tongue as it had just came out of the oven so it was still piping hot. Hehe!  After the meal I was ready to go have a nap since I was so full and bloated… I think I almost did on the sofa, closed my eyes and had a dose while the others were reading Lynn’s cook books and drooling over the pictures…

Around 4pm we started to head out to the university bar (Eastside) at Imperial College in South Kensington. It was really nice inside for a student bar! Very spacious and had techno music blasting out the speakers which Bex and I were bopping our heads to. c(-ω- )o
Due to having a large lunch dinner, most of us had a snack (chips, soup, stuffed potato skin) while I had a burger. LOL! I couldn’t find any snack I liked and Lynn told me the nachos weren’t as good as the ones we usually have in Wetherspoons we have back home. (The shaaaaame!) I love nachos but if they don’t have enough cheese, guacamole, salsa and cream cheese I will not be satisfied!

After stuffing my stomach once again and downing a freezing cold Lemonade (only£1 Hurrah for student bars!) we headed back home :)

Although Kiri’s mum offered to give me a lift back. I got driven by Kiri herself who is actually still a learner O_O Ahaha she was fine in her driving, if she wasn’t so nervous the first time for her test I’m sure she would have passed easily :D Unfortunately, whilst driving down the bypass her ‘L’ plate flew off the front bonnet (These were them magnetic ones) so I told her to get the sticker ones and place it on the window. I found them to be the most reliable and won’t fall off easily. (Apparently it’s been the 10th one she has lost within 3 months… Oh dear) Hopefully she passes soon so it won’t happen again!! Good Luck Kiri-Chan! <3

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