1st July was the official end to my Placement year

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So my placement year officially ended on 1st July 2010. Party time? Not really. I loved it, it was very enjoyable and a very good experience for me. I was hired at this place as a Web Developer branching off into Graphic Design. It has been a very interesting, yet hectic, 396 days (including the month of July) at the company. Especially when you were given numerous tasks to do each day, all which were different, in a way it gave me room to explore new ideas and experiment with them; I learnt a lot! Due to it being an online whisky company, we would sometimes taste new types of whisky at half nine in the morning! (Lol no I’m not an alcoholic!) At times I would pass on the offer, others I wouldn’t. I have never been a whisky drinker myself and still don’t think I ever will be. It is enjoyable to drink with a meal but I don’t think it suits my palate. (I’m a very very very very very lightweight drinker… Whisky is too strong for lil ol’ me!)

I’ve been given many changes to design the front end of projects such as, product labels, packaging, websites, banners, advertisements, posters. So exciting! The first big project I had was to design a new website from scratch for a new start up personalised drinks company, which can be incorporate a backend database of products in the future. PHP, my worst nightmare. Easy and simple as it seems, I had to do a lot of research and Googling (is that even a term in English?!) to be able to find the answers and complete the website. The process of researching competitor websites, sketching layouts, transferring it to the computer to create mock-up designs and then the final layout took forever! Ideas and suggestions kept changing, it was unbelievable! It’s all part of the process and creating something awesome in the first go that is always a challenge! At least I got it all done and embedded a small flash movie to show what the company does. People loved it; was a nice touch :)
Other than that I did many mini tasks that was part of a whole project. I also designed a special limited edition Whisky4Movemeber label. It was served at the OXO tower in London during the month of November! (Dur!) Hehe. Lunch was delicious there ♥

Look mum! It's the (no.5 out of 5) label I designed at the OXO tower!

Although it has ended, I am still working at there as a Web Developer (Graphic Designer) but I am currently taking a month break to complete a TESOL course in London (post to come). They intend to give me part time work while I’m studying in university which I’m very happy about :) Also to take me on board after my studies, I’m also very excited about this because I love my job and the people at MoM are so nice and friendly. However I’m slightly torn between choices, I have completed my TESOL course which allows me to be able to travel the world and teach English, but if I go it would mean giving up my current job to go teach. I would be able to conduct freelance work but the demand for project completion is high at MoM. Time differences are also a big problem as I could be living on the other side of the world from England… However I wouldn’t want to waste the time I’ve spent studying this past month to just stay put in England and work as a full time designer. What would you guys do in my position?

Doing the uni placement meant I had to fill in some silly log book the British Computer Society makes you do as a requirement to pass your placement year… So even if you do the placement and slave away for a year it doesn’t count until you’ve done the paperwork… Word of advice, don’t leave it till the day before the deadline to complete it folks! (I like erm… totally forgot… yeah…ahem…)

Anywhoo, I certainly haven’t regretted leaving the lecture theatre behind for a full whole school year to do this placement year! It was well fun! Thank you MoM! However I will miss my friends who have graduated in July. WELL DONE GUYS! Now it’s my turn to work hard and graduate in 2011!! Wish me luck!

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