My TESOL course is complete! pt.1

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I graduated today! Woooooo!
We had our very last lesson today and gave the feedback to the tutor about the course overall. We all gave our thanks to the trainer; Paulina was so nice! There were donuts, Rock Road chocolate and then Alex and I gave Paulina a bottle of rose wine ^^ Luckily she told us that she loved drinking rose wine. Made me relieved to heard I had chosen a nice wine she would enjoy drinking :D
After the feedback lesson, exchanging gifts and saying goodbye. The majority of us went to The George across the street for a drink and a photoshoot session (Good Memories). Afterwards, Alex, Shane and I went to Leiceister Square to eat before watching a film; also to show Shane (it was his first time in England) where the premiers take place in London. We watched the film ‘Salt’ at VUE. The screen was tiny and the seats weren’t as high as the normal cinema I go to at home. I wouldn’t really go there again for the amount of money I paid… since I can watch films for free at the Cineworld at home. The film on the other hand was good to watch, yet somewhat random in ways that there were many turn of events. There were many Russian spies, the undercover spies and then the CIA. Sometimes Shane and I would go “WTF?” when some people get killed without reason or even commit kamikaze. Yes, although it sounds random you’ll understand/a lightbulb lights up after two second as to why the previous event happened. You would just need to watch it for yourselves to understand the story because with me explaining, I’ll just end up telling the whole plot… Instead, why not take a look at some photos taken during the length of the course (bad mobile camera quality. Sorry!)

[slideshow id=4 w=500 h=400]

(Details on the course, image and edits shall come later. I’m too tired to type properly right now…Gomen!!)

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