Oh my days! Excuse my absence!!

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Oh my days! Please do excuse me for not blogging in 2 months! I have reasons… I’ve been really busy! I’m trying to juggle my personal life with my working life; studies as well… Currently finishing my TESOL course. 2 more days! (Will blog soon!)

To make up for my 2 month long absence, I shall be blogging about each an every past event that has happened in the last 2 months :) I should e able to pick up the pace soon and blog at least once a week soon!

For those who read my blog, I’m terribly sorry!

Some good news!

  • I passed my Grammar exam for my TESOL course today!!! *Happy dance!* The anticipation for my results was horrifying! I was lterally refreshing my inbox every 2 seconds for 2 hours! At least I don’t need to retake it hehe! PARTAH HERE I COME!
  • Kiri-Chan (who I mentioned in my previous post) passed her driving test! WOOO You go girl! <3
  • My two cousins received their GCSE (plus some A-Levels) results yesterday and passed with flying colours! Literally with flying colours and pretty stars ;) Kudos to them!
  • I’ve also exchanged links with my friend, a lovely girl called Bennilyn. She’s so cute! Go check her website! http://creamypuff.com/
    (Link Exchange page with buttons to come soon!)

To come list (Future blog posts):

  1. Placement Year
  2. TESOL course
  3. Events/Parties (Dee, Alex, Eva)
  4. DIY items
  5. Make-Up Brush cleaning
  6. Reviews: IQQU products, Bubbi Tees, Palmers Olive Butter Formula
  7. New layout

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