A Good Samaritan

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I’ve been very honest in the past week. I haven’t grassed on anyone, I haven’t lied, I haven’t been mean to anyone (kinda), I haven’t caused harm to people and I’ve been good in general! I think I’ve been a very good girl and I’m like it.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been very honest about a certain incident that has happened to me. I recently bought a Flockness Monster t-shirt from my friend Dan who had sent it last Monday. So throughout last week I was constantly checking the post when I arrived home from work. However I didn’t get a Royal Mail delivery. Instead I got many City Link notes through the door about an undelivered parcel which was eventually left at number 5 down the road. Thinking this was my lovely tee I went ahead to go collect it. Only to find that it wasn’t my t-shirt at all! Infact it was 2 skirts worth £40 each from a company from Brora. They were skirts for young girls which were quite cute for whoever ordered them. However I wouldn’t go ahead and spend £80 on children’s clothing only to know that my daughters will spill orange juice on them later in the day =_= That would just piss me off. Seriously. (Not that I have any kids.) Anyway coming back to the story, I contacted customer services from Brora to tell them that they’ve sent me someone else’s parcel! *shock horror!* I even offered to deliver it to her should she not live far from me. (I dunno maybe them skirts were pretty urgent for a wedding? XD) Anyway, the lady replied back saying I needn’t worry and that she’ll get the courier to collect the parcel off my hands and they’ll resend that order again to the correct address. (Apparently it was a system fault where they entered the wrong postcode. lol lol!) So yes, City Link collected the parcel off my hands today and when I came home I found this!

I got free vouchers! O______O

Yup, the lady from customer services gave me a £10 gift voucher as a token of thanks for notifying about the incorrect delivery and also for my honesty and kindness. I feel well good now. Even though I’ve traded away clothes worth £80 rrp. which I could have easily of e-Bayed (hassle…) I got a lovely gift in return! ^______^ Whether I use it or not is a different story… I’ll have to check their website out first ahaha I might even just give the voucher away to a friend XD I don’t like wasting things… >_>

Well that’s my story of being a good Samaritan! Hehe! What good deeds have you done recently?

Oh and on another note that t-shirt I was waiting for? It came a week late (well done Royal Mail!) and it fits perfectly! I love it! Thank you Dan!! He’ll be making more soon and possibly opening up a shop. I shall update you all when he does :D

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