Cleansing Make-Up Brushes

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I’ve been blogging mostly about life lately and thought I’d do a change of topic and do a post based on Health & Beauty where it could help many other women reading this blog…

Right so lets get started!

I’m sure many of you girls out there own many make-up brushes which get dirty after a few uses, especially the foundation brush. Bacteria and dirt is left within these make-up brushes after each use. Therefore using them without cleaning them per use could in fact damage your skin and lead to blemishes, breakouts and acne; things every girl doesn’t want… Therefore using brush cleansers to wash your brushes everyday is time well spent and worth it for them flawless finishes and refrains them from collecting bacteria.

However brush cleansers can be rather expensive when used everyday; not very good when you have a tight budget to stick to… Therefore after watching Michelle Phan’s video I thought I’d have a go at making the make-up brush cleanser.

To make it you would need 2 ingredients:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Said to remove dirt and moisturizing the bristles
  • Anti-Bacterial Wash – To help remove all bacteria and any germs on the brushes

Both these ingredients can be bought from supermarkets or the local pound shop (Daiso/Dollar stores) for a minuscule amount. I use Dettol Disinfectant in Lavender & Orange Oil (for that lovely smell on my brushes) and Albero Antico Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Basically Michelle teaches us to mix these 2 ingredients together (don’t use that much Olive Oil else it’ll get greasy) and just mix your brushes in it, rinse in warm water and you’re done! Easy wasn’t it? Another formula is to use shampoo. Works just as well!

Next is to dry them. Michelle says not to dry them on their side, upside down or at an angle. This is due to water seeping into the ferrule and damaging the glue, leading to bristles coming out. To prevent this it’s best to dry brushes upside down where the gravitational pull of the Earth draws the water out. The way Michelle does this is using Brush Guards. I have checked the website advertised in the video regarding the price of these Brush Guards and though it’s not necessary to have since they do cost a fair amount. Plus being me who doesn’t owe every type of brush sold in the shops I didn’t think this was a good investment. They only sell the brush guards in certain amounts and none of them was what I wanted. True they can expand to fit your brushes but stretching them too much can break them. Yes they can keep your brushes clean and hold their shape whilst drying but you can just store then in a bag of their own. I know I do :)

Anyway I’ve found a really cost effective way to dry my brushes using household items. So I thought I’d share my find with everyone and hopefully can help one of you out there!

Things you need, which can be found in all households:

  • Your brush/es
  • A peg/s with a flat-ish head (for better grip on the ferrule)
  • A hook

Now when you’ve finished cleaning your brushes grab a peg, clip the brush to it and using the hole the spring makes pop it onto the peg. (See photos for better understanding)

My brushes dryingClose-Up

Now you can leave them overnight to dry and know they won’t get damaged!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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