I met my friend from Turkey O_O

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Yesterday I was out shopping in the town of Camden in the city of London with two friends from my college whom I haven’t seen in absolutely ages!. Fun fun fun! We walked till our little legs were tired and have spent the majority of our money. I cannot be trusted in Camden, I love so much of the stuff there!! >_< I went ahead and bought a new dress, a sketchbook, a pair of shoes and a necklace. They’re all so pretty!! I had also bought a sparkly green pendant necklace for my friend since I had missed her birthday party. She loves it very much ehehe! I made her wear it for the whole day lol!

After a nice day of shopping, I met up with some other friends of mine for the evening; one being a friend from Turkey, Duy.¬†Duy only wanted to do one thing and that thing only, drinking. Therefore we went to Bar 55 and drank to our hearts content. It was 2-4-1 Sundays which was awesome! The drinks were really strong though and I felt tipsy ver quickly (or as my friends had said, Amy was really really hyper than usual that night…)

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According to Duy she was expecting a little bit more meat on me since all my photos seem to put pounds on me O_O (I guess the rumours of celebrities looking prettier in person than in photos are true… Not that I’m a celebrity of course!) I’m surprised to be called slim since I have such a fat stomach ahaha! Duy was a fun girl, really wild though. It was great to meet her! We had a lot of fun playing drinking games and having a nice laugh. ^______^

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