Sunday is a day for events!

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For many of my previous Sundays I have been out and about in the city of London to meet friends and attend events; it is also because I’m only free on Sundays (sucks to be me.) So what have I been doing for my past Sundays? Read on!

Sunday 18th July ( I know old news but still can speak about it!)

Diana’s 18th Birthday (again… yes she’s forever 18)

My wonderful darling turned 18 yet again! (She’s like erm 24 now? Not really that old tbh) We went out go-karting at a place in Mile End, London. It was good fun but due to a friend getting lost we had to wait 60 mins for him to arrive. (Alex ended up going to collect him ahaha) Although it was a bad start to a good day, we all enjoyed it though because the excess amount of time allowed all the attendees to the event to chat and get to know one-another! Even though the go-karting started later than planned we still had 2 hours spare before dinner! So it didn’t really matter whether Chung was late or not! Ehehe!

Go-karting wasn’t much of a race at this place. We each paid £20 for 16 laps (2 lots of 8 laps) and it wasn’t timed at all so overtaking wasn’t really necessary unless the person in front of you was driving really slow (Grr Dee!).  Last year I went to this place and apparently I was road blocking since I was driving in the middle of the road and not on the left (Yes I am evil!)

End of Go Karting (1st time)

This time I was speeding down the track and tried hard to not road block. However in the second lap I was accused of driving slower than he first few laps… I thought I did better the second time, but I did start to brake when I was going round the sharp corners. Drifting in the tiny kart with just the metal frame and no protection but just a fluorescent jacket wasn’t enough to make me take the risk; I knew I’d just cause a terrible accident for I am accidental prone…

Since it wasn’t much  of a race we didn’t actually keep a record of who won, but I did know Gen was leading in the first group and likes to speed :D Well done for beating all the guys Gen!

Afterwards, we all went to Trocadero to kill time before the dinner booking time at a Brazilian buffet restaurant (at least that was what I thought it was…) I played on the DDR machines, Pump It Up, Drumming Game and of course DJ Technika! I love the dance machines and most of the rhythm games. I just can’t dance properly to Para Para… One who could was…

The buffet restaurant was alright, I was quite filled up after the first round of meat. It was also very salty…

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Sunday 1st August

Eva’s 21st Birthday BBQ

One big event, one big party, one big girl!


Eva held a BBQ with close family and friends at her house. When I arrive the BBQ hadn’t even been started! Eva and Jonathan were in the kitchen preparing the food (still) and Auntie Leung was running around complaining nothing is going right. Nice. So after a while we all help to get the BBQ going and starting the fire. It took over an hour to light the fire, Ingrid and Paul had to run out to buy firelighters! Once we had the fire going, Jonathan with 2 shades on his head and a sooty face, plus all the food sealed out on the table to keep the flies out, we were ready to cook the food! I must admit the cooking wasn’t exactly great -most of the meat came out a charcoal colour, BBQ are always hard to cook on- but nevertheless it tasted great and eating a burger and hotdog filled me up quickly. I guess I over-stuffed myself on the salad when I was waiting for the BBQ to heat up. Lol. There were also pork skewers (flavourless, could only taste the peppers o.o), chicken wings (yum! Auntie marinated them ^^) and marshmallows! It ended up being too much food for the 11 people who came. Hehe! Some of us ended up taking food home as take-away!

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When the majority of people had to leave for various reasons, then there were only 6 (Fai, Wah, Ken, Eva,  Jonathan and moi). Jonathan was exhausted from setting up the party and being head chef of the BBQ so he went to sleep upstairs. That left 5. Since Ken was a child he went to play on his brother’s DS. Which meant 4 were left and what’s best to do when there are 4 Chinese people? PLAY MAH-JONG! Of course. ポン! (-o- )ノ ≡圀 圀圀 No money involved though :) We played till 11pm and ate ramen noodles. It was so nice of Auntie to cook for us so late at night.

Sunday 15th August

Alex’s 100th Birthday Drinks (Errr he’s only 24 but Dee likes to make him sound old)

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Well it’s good ol’ Alex’s birthday and he invited us all for birthday drinks at a bar called The Elbow Room. Not only were his close friends he invited, he also invited people from the TESOL course out too! ^_______^ It was great fun and I got to knew my classmates a little better. Some couldn’t make it unfortunately due to the amount of homework and assignments we had to due in, plus the fact that the American students had a house party the day before… shame really.

Anywhoo, The Elbow Room had many pool tables, 2 stacks of giant Jenga, a Twister mat, 2 sets of Connect Four games, many consoles including the PS3, PS2, Wii, Gamecube, XBox 360 plus other old school ones ehehe. It was so much fun!!! Alex hired out the VIP room where there was a giant pool table in the middle and we all had a turn at playing the game. (I suck. Badly. In real life pool AND virtual pool…) Fan brought along his DSLR camera and was snapping away for the whole night. Unfortunately he had bought the camera recently and it was its first appearance in public so he couldn’t really get the functions working :( Due to the poor lighting in the VIP room most of the photos came out green. Yes we were all Incredible Hulks for the day. Fortunately Photoshop was able to correct most of the colour, yay for technology! He then found out later that night a solution for the green photos. All he had to do was correct the white balance. Yes, press that little White Balance button, point at the colour white and snap it so the camera can do its magic. *sigh* if only we knew…

Sunday 30th August

Notting Hill Carnival and yearly meet up

Today I went to see a friend I haven’t seen in over a year! I first met Amy when I was still in BA Art Foundation at UCCA Epsom. Those were fun times and lovely memories. Seeing that I haven’t seen her for a whole year I thought it was time to meet up and have a nice catchup!

We first met up in East Croydon where we bought a card for her little niece but since the shops weren’t really open we ended up going to London Victoria to eat lunch at Zizzi’s. I have to admit that the calzone pizza I had was very yummy and I can’t believe that I’ve never been to this Italian restaurant before! Amy had some pasta (I think Carbonara) and we both found the waiter to be very nice and cute ^________^ So we gave him a tip at the end- personally. Ahahaha!

After lunch we both headed to the Notting Hill Carnival to meet up with friends, but having not topped-up my phone (clever) I wasn’t able to contact anyone to ask of their whereabouts. The festival area was huge and there was an overwhelming amount of people in the crowd eager to get a glimps of the lorries/groups/dancers walking around the festival grounds. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and it started to rain cats and dogs. The whole area was littered with empty bottles, cups, packing, left-over food and all sorts. I wasn’t liking the area at all. There were no bins anywhere so I guess it is hard to even try to keep the place clean! Half of the time Amy and I were looking for shelter from the rain, so we didn’t get to see much of the carnival. When we found the lorries/dancers we weren’t very impressed because it was just loud music, lots of dry humping and random strangers not even in any costume dancing… I guess we expected more and not just two lorries and then nothing for another 30 mins. I think watching it on tele would have been a wiser choice.

We both went back to Victoria around 5pm to have some dinner. We also met up with Shane, a guy from my TESOL course who was at the carnival too after lots of contact via Facebook and calling. (Who would have known that Westbourne Park Road would be so long!?) We introduced Shane who was from America to Jacket Potato filled with Chilli Con Carne. Apparently America only has plain potatoes with just butter in them and no other fillings, Jacket Potato is also not a term over there… I was shocked! C’mon you Americans! Stop just eating your French Fries, which are called chips btw… lol

Sunday 5th September

Louise came to visit us in London

My wifey (lol it makes me feel closer to my friends :P) came to visit her boyfriend for 4 days and called her other friends out for the day to gather and have fun ^________^ Tiko totally didn’t check his Facebook account and missed the details on the event, thus booking badminton courts for 1-2pm and planned for a morning jog down Canary Wharf from 11am! What a silly plonker! In the end he told everyone to come jogging and play badminton with him for the morning/afternoon. Most of us were half asleep and didn’t really go jogging (I did!) So many either came to badminton or in the evening for the Brazilian festival plus sushi buffet dinner. (^~^)

The jog down the canal was really nice and refreshing. The air was fresh and clear and the views were lovely. However parts of the canal was polluted which was a shame. Someone needs to clear it up a tad =( Dee and I ended up having to run back to the starting point half way through because Louise (who wanted to walk and not jog) was no where to be found. It was because she took a wrong turning and ended up someone along some bridge… We therefore told her to go back to Dee’s house and us girlies ended up sitting at Dee’s house and watched X-Factor.     【 TV 】    ( ̄ *)  Ehehe!

Badminton was good fun, lots of sweat given off and good ol’ rallying. However I still prefer tennis… We had 8 people and two courts for around 2 hours, when other groups of people who booked courts started arriving. When we were down to one court some of us had to sit out by the door. Kim got bored and started making noises when our friends hit the shuttle cock (yes like the players in tennis) so I joined in and we made funny “Hyuuuah”, “Ummmph”, “Ayarrrh”, “Eiiieee” noises now and then. It was funny and started to make the players laugh but being skilled pros, it didn’t affect their performance! Ehehehe!

We all left around 3pm, all going to separate homes and having showers before heading out again to go to the Brazilian festival near Waterloo. The festival was very small and was all food stores. I found out that it was the last day and therefore all the activities and dance performances had ended already. I tried some Turkish Delight but I never got to eat one of the Macaroons Louise bought :( I really wanted to taste one too! After going round the festival market we headed for Namco, an arcade, but on the way there were a lot of street performances and many human statues!

I got whacked on the head by the Policeman in the tutu!

I stopped to watch a show where the guy was dressed as Charlie Chaplin and was doing a very interesting things with the audience. It was funny to watch. At one part of the show I was picked to help out, it was so embarrassing! I was asked, with gestures and noises, to:

  • put a balloon in my mouth
  • swing my hips around whilst holding the balloon up in the air
  • be slapped with the balloon and then having to be comforted/comfort him back when the balloon pinged back at him too XDDD
  • try to eat the balloon and make it disappear… Yeah this never happened he basically tugged my hair back and told me to open wide, and then complain about my bad teeth lol!

So yah, after watching/participating in the show we also saw a glass ball juggler; similar to the Japanese Dude (but I think the Japanese dude was better.) There was a beatboxer, some street dancing and also people dressed as sheep and a llama… All asking for money and wanting our attention (゚Д゚|||)

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Sushi was after Namco at Hi! Sushi but due to time constraints I didn’t have the buffet but I ate Teriyaki Chicken Ramen instead and had to rush off afterwards because I needed to catch the train. Unfortunately I fell over during the running process and bruised my legs, stomach. I grazed my elbows and hands. My let palm and right elbow still hurt and were bleeding. Plus my dressy type top got damaged :( To make things worse, I missed my last train home!!! I ended up travelling to a station half an hour away from home bleeding and having to call my brother to come pick me up. When he did, he told me that I should have stayed out instead cos no one would have cared about my disappearance from home or if I never came back that night. (Ok I know you didn’t want to part with your lovely life of a computer, especially FFXIV but STILL I’m your sister in need! Psssh.) At least I got home in the end and needn’t disturb My at her house :)

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