Alex’s Leaving-Do!

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On Sunday, 17th October 2010 we (Diana, Michael and I) organised a surprise party for our friend Alex who is leaving this country at the end of this month to pursue a career in Japan teaching English. Trying to organise it and inviting friends from his uni days was so hard! You would have thought Facebook events was the way forward but it really isn’t. Call and texting is still the most effective way in contacting another human on planet Earth. We managed to get a couple of Alex’s friends who he hasn’t seen in ages which really surprised him :)

Right, enough of the organisation, onto the fun part -The party! Firstly we went to the cinema to watch Despicable Me. A film released on Friday 15th Oct that talks about an evil villan who plans to steal the moon to commit the biggest crime known to Earth. A very funny film that can put the whole family in giggles. Alex says the youngest kid, Agnes, reminds him of me… Hyperactive? Haha.

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE!

I highly recommend people watch it. The 3d effect was used cleverly. Loved at the end. Gru’s minions are so cuuute! Would love to have one in my home x3

After the cinema the group headed to The Elbow Room in Shoreditch, London to play a few games of pool. (£6 an hour per table, highly recommend this place.) This area was much bigger than the one we went to in Angel however it doesn’t include a VIP room, much rather tables places in various alcoves. Here I was trying to collect the last few messages for Alex’s card I made from late comers. I thought it would be hard but it was alright since Alex was so engrossed (and slightly tipsy from the many shots we gave him) in his game of pool.  I only managed to play one game against Alex though. Maybe I’ll get to play the others at another time ^^

Once all the late comers came and possibly had a couple games of pool plus many drinks xP We were led by Kim to “some place in London”. She wouldn’t tell us so we were following her like little lost lambs ahahaha. We ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant called Mai Than. There were 12 of us split into 2 groups of 6. My side wanted the hotpot but unfortunately the kitchen didn’t have enough ingredients. Boo-urns! I had this Special Beef, Brisk and Beef Balls Pho instead. Viet food is very bland in flavour (my broth wasn’t as strong as the Beef Udon I had in Japan nor as salty/sweet (oyster sauce) as the Vermicelli soup I usually cook for dinner) some dishes would have hints of chilli to spike the taste buds. In a sense it can be considered healthier than Chinese food since it’s not really fried but either boiled or steamed; although their dishes are very similar. My group of 6 ordered our own dishes and didn’t do what the other group did – order a bunch of dishes and shared. My group was very full but the other group was still hungry because the portions weren’t big enough to share between 6 big guys. So in this scenario I would have recommended Chinese cuisine as the portions are much larger and is suitable to be shared. Terry had to order seconds lol!

After scoffing (graciously of course!) our food and had our plates cleared it was time for the grand finale to the surprise party. THE PRESENTS! All 11 of us chipped in to buy Alex a

  • Superdry Hoodie – For the cold months in Japan. It was a good thing we gave it to him because the weather was getting colder and windy @_@
  • A hand-made card made by yours truly
  • A photo scrapbook filled with lovely images of days with his friends and university times :)

Oh and lollipops! Cos everyone loves sweets :D

We all had a lovely time and I’m sure Alex did aswell. One he won’t forget I’m sure! ^_________^

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