Back to University

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I’ve finally finished being a full-time staff at my placement at the whisky retailer and was offered a part-time job during my studies. (ahaha they just can’t get enough of lil-ol-me!) I’ve accepted the offer and shall be juggling work with studies alongside personal tasks and events. We shall see how I cope and to what extend I can survive… Hopefully atleast 6 months; I’m unsure if I’ll handle it but shall try.

The official start date to university was Monday October 4th, freshers week began on Monday September 27th and I saw so many little lost lambs. Kawaii~ Pub crawl was on Monday evening and there were so many students on the roads with white tees on drunk/tipsy. Funny sight watching them as I was on my way home in the car. I helped out with Student Ambassador duties on the first week. There wasn’t much to do due to lack of attendance from the first years. I guess they were drunk… I also missed the drinks party on Thursday due to having to drive my cousin home since he had a doctors appointment. Shame really because I was notified by my uni friend Sam that our tutor who looks after us ambassadors, Jane, was telling interesting and funny stories! Boo~ My first day back at uni was a boring one. It felt weird to be back in education again… I felt sluggish and tired. I guess I just need to adjust my body alarm, my enthusiasm level, motivation and basically get back into the student life mood again. It’ll take a bit of time but hopefully it will be soon.

Being the end of the week, I’ve enrolled on all my modules for the next year and have already started planning for my different assignments plus my final year project. (Better to start now than later!)

My modules for Digital Media  include:

  • Marketing Applications
  • Interactive Design and Development
  • Usability Evaluation
  • Interactive Educational Software
  • Entrepreneurship

So it’s a mix of programming, design and marketing :) Should be bags of fun! Look forward to reading about my projects and their development soon! (Once ideas have been finalised…)

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