Hyper Japan 2010

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I attended Hyper Japan 2010 today at the Old Truman Brewery! It was a fun event and lovely to see my friends again :D Although I bought my ticket in advance, they fail. People who arrived later and bought their ticket at the door entered the event earlier than me! I had to queue up! Silly don’t you think? Kind of beats the point in purchasing a ticket in advance… (apart from saving £3) Anyway, I soon entered the venue and was greeted by girls dressed in Lolita fashion, anime, manga, figurines and much more. The stage was very lively and they were talking about the Lolita scene in Japan and in the UK. Kera’s top model Misako Aoki was on the stage and talking about the Lolita fashion and how it was to be a cute ambassador :) She was very cute indeed. There was also a girl, Tania I believe, from the UK website Lolita Goth who is from the UK lolita scene to talk about their website and what they do in general :) They also showed different lolita fashion types (gothic, hime, kawaii etc.) and the various brands within this sector. There was even a live show on hairstyling and using hair extensions! Interesting how wigs or extensions can change your look so much.

I walked around after listening a while about the Lolita scene. There were many stalls dotted around in the building. It was in a big area but not as large as MCM Expo. A third of the space was used as a food court where there was bentos sold, Takoyaki, other sorts of fried food, curry, sake, healthy food etc. There was just so much to try and see. However everything wad very expensive and I couldn’t buy it all. (boo hoo!) So I ended up buying some rice crackers (they were really tasty!), posters and some sweeties (watermelon flavour! LUSH!) The ice-cream was sold out though :(

Overall I thought Hyper Japan was more for visitors who like Japanese culture and want to taste different food from the country itself. It made me want to go back to Japan and visit it again >w<

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