Shopping in Crawley and Scott Pilgrim VS the World.

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Due to a mix up with bags on Sunday (they were handing out to everyone free ‘Love Change’ carrier bags at Hyper Japan), my friend Dee accidentally left her mobile phone in my carrier bag (Uh-Oh Spaghetti-o!) I therefore had to meet up with her today to hand it back; after spending a couple of hours working out how to divert her calls only to find it didn’t work, because I missed off a digit on her other phone number -Go me!

Almost did the “OMG I FORGOT IT!” thing today when I already drove halfway there, but luckily I didn’t and was only freaking myself (Gawd I hate it when I do that. However, I’ve actually done it many times before @_@) Manage to hand back the mobile phone safely to its owner (Dee) so we (plus our friend Alex) ate and went shopping afterwards! (Why waste such a nice rainy day?) I didn’t really buy much apart from the essentials and lots and lots of snacks plus sweeties from Poundland (what student doesn’t?)

After a long day of eating at Subway, shopping, drinking some coffee, bumping into a friend of mine and searching for a bag for Dee (found a really cute owl print one from Peacocks! 20% student discount!), Dee had to go back to London at 4 as she had an evening arrangement with friends. So what better to do when the shops start to close? CINEMA!

Due to the film starting at 6:10pm Alex and I had an hour free. We went to the arcade and played a game of pool, and when I say “play” I really meant that I was being taught. It was a fun game and I think I actually know how to hold the cue properly now! Thanks Alex! :D (Oh and knowing physics helps… I was like totally a noob about angles and what-not…) We also had a game of DDR (total fail due to unappropriate footwear) and basketball hoops (I WON! LYKE OMGBBFWTFROFLMAO11!!!ONE-OH-ONE-OH!! Yeah I was amazed I scored higher than Alex… Total. Fluke.)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World was the film we watched. I have been meaning to see this film ever since I saw the trailer. I can’t believe I had to wait so long till I actually saw it! I loved it! It was so funny and very manga/comic style. Everyone in the theate was joining in on the laughter despite only being a small number! The love story was very sad. Ellen Wong (Knives Chau) was sooo cute. I felt sorry and sad for her when I saw her tearful face! She was coooooooooool! I loved the various battle against the 7 evil ex-boyfriends if only I could fight like that ahaha! I also want to play that Ninja arcade game Knives and Scott were playing on their dates out. Shame it’s not real. Would have been cool! XD The film had a happy ending which I was happy about, like Knives tells it, “I’m too cool for you.”; and like most films it was asking for a sequel. Can’t wait!

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