Day out to Thorpe Park!

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Being my birthday soon I received an early birthday present from my aunt. Free tickets to Thorpe Park! Woo~! (Plus this bubble mask cleanser which I’ll review at another time)¬†However due to it being on a school day/middle of the week (3rd November) not many of my friends were available to come out on this day. Luckily my wifey Lizzie was! *Cheers* So just us two girlies went ^_________^

We both thought it was going to rain yesterday since weather forecasts seem to conflict with each other. Despite thinking so, the day was clear, slight sunshine in the morning and cloudy in the evening. Apart from the slight chill in the evening, there was no wind at all and was a perfect day to go to the theme park :) As Halloween had just been most people had been to the park during their half-term and for fright night already. Therefore there wasn’t any queues for rides due to a small amount of people! I have never been to Thorpe Park before where I didn’t need to queue for a ride… The longest we queued this day was 15mins! We managed to go on all the big rides, namely

  • Tidal Wave – Wonderful place to have a shower fully clothed
  • Stealth – 2 second journey around a bend
  • Nemesis¬†Inferno
  • Vortex
  • Zodiac
  • Rush – Major huge swing
  • Saw 3D
  • Slammer – 360 Degree Fly Swat
  • Colossus

There was a few we missed out and somehow Liz and I missed the logger’s leap ride and went on Tidal Wave twice instead lol! Yes we were mad women… I was half soaked the first time round and upon arrival at the start, the staff asked us if we wanted to go again. The whole crew shouted “OKAY!” and so we all were drenched by the time we came back down. Liz and I got off but the other 6 people stayed on (Madness.) We ended up staying in the toilets for ages trying to dry our clothes. Didn’t really work well, so I was walking around half wet… Was funny though.

Soaking Wet D:

We left the park at 5pm when it closed. I was surprised how the day got so dark so fast! We caught the bus to the train station and I had to buy a ticket to Feltham due to some false advertising by the conductor; he mislead me to buying a travelcard, saying it was valid from my area all the way to Staines but it wasn’t and thus was fined. I’ll be writing to the IRCAS group to appeal about it soon, once I’ve written my letter of complaint. (They should train their staff better or have a better ticket selling system! Grr!)

Despite the annoying issue in the morning I had a lovely day with my wifey (Liz). We had a great time and it was a wonderful birthday gift from my aunt this year ^________^ Xie Xie Ni!

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