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It’s my birthday today! WOOO~

Baked cakes with Nat and Heather (from work) last night. I hope we didn’t scare Nat’s housemate Kit with our randomness. I did apologise >_> It was a lot of fun and us girlies were very hyper and very mad. We were shopping in Asda for ingredients and was flying down aisles on trollys… ANYWAY! The cakey bake-off was a lot of fun where we were dancing to music, watching Psychoville, getting muffin mix on our faces plus much more…

It was funny when Nat informed us that upon telling her friends she was having girlies round to bake cake. They asked for a description/details of us and so she goes,

“Well one’s a lesbian, the other’s Asian.” “Man that’s a good combo!”

LAWL!  Ah it was funny hearing that.

On other news, my brother got me DJ MAX Trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m shocked, excited and STILL waiting for the patch to download… baaaaah I guess I’ll have to try it out tomorrow :(

15 mins and my birthday will be officially over x3

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