Snow, beautiful snow!

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Winter came early this year and snow started falling at the beginning of December. Many of us had snow days and appreciated the lovely white scenery of England. However, for those of us who have work and need income it’s another story. Although most of the office workers are able to work from home, others cannot. One being me… One of the managers hired a 4×4 and literally wakes up at the crack of dawn to drive around and collect up all the employees. It’s absurd but they need workers to get these orders out… Apparently ParcelForce is still working and collecting/delivering. No snow days for us then! Gotta wait till Christmas for a break >_< I hope all are keeping warm in this cold weather! I braced the cold and took some purdy pictures in the countryside where I live :) [slideshow id=9 w=550 h=450] On another note, uni was cancelled due to the adverse weather and all my lessons were cancelled. YAY LIE-IN! ahahahaha! But I had done most of the Usability Test report which I sent to the rest of my group to complete the gaps today :) It's gonna be a report relay where once the person has finished added their sections, pass it onto the next one lol! I wonder how it'll turn out at the end? :) This is in for next Thursday, as well as my proposal for Educational Design- I'm making an e-learning program to teach children the time ^^ Hopefully I can get into uni next Wednesday to hand it all in! *fingers crossed*

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