2011 update! New phone plus contact lenses.

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Hey all!

It’s been a while! Have you all missed me? (Doubt it XDDDD)

So what’s happened? Well firstly I got a new phone! Woo! *Happy Dance* It’s anĀ Orange San Francisco which is an Android phone. I bought the white coloured one because I’m sophisticated. I love it! However it does run slow with some of the games, e.g. Angry Birds. Therefore affecting performance :( It also means I’m having trouble gaining 3 stars per stage as my friend, Gen, has told me that he has completed the game on his HTC Desire HD and has 3 stars on every level… This had perked my competitive gaming spirit so I will get them stars even if it means I have to cheat ask for help!

The San Francisco doesn’t have a place for me to hang all my lovely phone charms on. This was another disappointment for me. I love my phone charms; how they jingle and jangle whilst I’m walking down the street :) I remember the time when I had a Cinnamonroll phone charm that had a bell in it (was a gift from Michael) that rang every time I walked and annoyed the hell out of my friends. Hehe but I can’t do that no more :( Mum is sad about it because it meant I wasn’t able to use the phone items she bought back for me from Hong Kong lol! I’m sure I’ll find a way :) Asians always find a way ;)

On another note, I bought some new contact lenses! GeoColouredLenses are currently doing a promotion and have slashed prices on all of their products! So my cousin and I thought we’d both get a pair of brown contact lenses for that natural yet big eyed dolly look :)

I decided to buy the HC-104 contact lenses.

They’re part of the HC range and have a hurricane look to them. They make the irises swirl from a light brown colour to your natural colour from what I’ve seen in other pictures and on YouTube. I shall show some pictures with them on when I’ve taken them out of the packaging :)

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