Happy Chinese New Year!

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HAPPY CNY!! 恭喜發財 ^___^

It’s Chinese New Year today! Whoop whoop! How all you Asians out there get lots of red envelopes and all your wishes come true ^^

My family celebrated it on Monday as that was the time when the whole family was free and able to have a get-together. We ate a lot (and I mean a lot) of scrumptious food including lobster, crab, roast pork, bak choi and much much! I think everyone felt bloated afterwards especially when my aunt made two enormous cakes for us to eat @_@ They’re still sitting in the fridge waiting to be finished…

This morning we ate “dou low” (meaning to help raise money and make the cash flow into your pockets). Very yummy but I’m still rather hungry so I’m waiting for dinner to come!
I think the reason I’m also hungry is because I was made to wash the cars… (who washes their cars on New Years day!? =.=) my aunt for some random reason felt the urge to clean her car etc… I guess it’s ok to clean them but don’t ever clean the house on New Years Day because it’s considered bad and would cause misfortune for the year to come. Do it a day or two before!

There is so many traditions and things I have to remember to not do on this day XDDDD At least I have my red envelopes safely under my pillow :D (another tradition) They’re so pretty ^_________^

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