Tiring Thursdays

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I’m totally smashed. I’ve had a full day today and has lessons from 9am till 6pm… I got home at 7:20pm and had some dinner and then after sat in front of the computer to try to do some work before I sleep. It’s now almost 11pm and I’ve done, nothing… well maybe a few tidbits – but the majority of the time on Facebook – which isn’t much “work” done. I suspect that I’ve had such a long day I’m worn out and just am not in the mood to work. I’m getting frustrated and annoyed at the slightest thing and have started to think that my room is just-too-small… It’s not big enough for 3 people to live in and there is just clutter crammed into every nook and cranny possible; it seriously is unbelievable. I can tidy, but how much I tidy there will forever be the same amount of stuff or possibly more… *sigh* I just need space to work or to move out. GIVE ME A PROPER EMPTY DESK PLZKTHXBAI! I presume I’ll have to start finding a day to drive to uni or to the office to work from there. Unless I make use of the space creatively and start hanging sheets of paper designs and research on the walls or something *imagines Megamind style* then maybe it’s possible but it just isn’t the way I work. (Did I mention I’m studying Digital Media and am hired as a Graphic Designer? Just thought I’d give you some background lol) Shame. I’m starting to hate my Thursday schedule because I’m becoming grumpy after my long day of studying (if you call falling asleep in lecture (some girl actually slept through the 2 hour lecture in the evening! 2nd row too! Amazing.) or staring blankly at a screen whilst being droned at by a monotone lecturer studying). [/rant]

Enough of that, it’s Natalie’s birthday next week on the 24th and she’s going to jet off to Vagas on Tuesday for her birthday-do. Lucky her! I’ve managed to purchase some wicked presents last minute because us friends at the office kinda forgot ^^;; So I quickly arranged some items to be sent to my house and created a hand-made card for her :) Had to kinda pop over to Sainsbury’s with Heather this morning during my lunch break to do a bit of shopping eh heh heh heh… I do hope she will like the huge Amazon cardboard box of goodies tomorrow! :D I’m sure she’d be delighted before she goes off on holiday hehehe!

Speaking of holidays, my friends have invited me on a holiday to Barcelona, Spain during the month of July. This is still being planned and we still have to book it… late I know, but it’s progressing slowly XD Hopefully it’ll all come together and we can have a wonderful Summer holiday together! It would be the first time I went on holiday with this group of buddies. I’m sure it’ll be totally different to the one when I went to Japan with my brother and our close friends Kiri & Craig. Much madder, with a lot of extremes sports. This should be fun! Exciting!

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