Back on Track – Uni Year 3 is almost over!

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Honey I’m Home!!

So I finally handed in my final year project (p: whiskylover223) on Thursday 28th April with the last 48hours rushing to complete the final pieces of the 200 paged report. It was the most hectic and tiring 2 days in my entire life. I had never been gone without even 2 hours sleep! It meant that I crashed ever since I got home on Thursday afternoon (I was literally dosing off in my tutor’s lecture hahaha. She noticed and woke me up – so embarassing!) and woke up the next morning. It felt so good to catch up on my beauty sleep and to know that I managed to hand-in not one, but two assignments in on one day. Yup, you heard me, not only did I have to hand in my huge final year report, I also had to hand in the second phase of my marketing report as well. Hopefully it’ll get me that high mark I’m aiming for…

Now I just have 3 more assignments, a poster day to showcase my final project and 2 exams left in the year before I can graduate. So exciting!!

I know I also haven’t been updating much recently due to all these assignments but I shall try to finish writing up all the individual posts for all the events I’ve been to and have done during my absence.

Enjoy the read of posts to come!

P.S. I’ve started watching Gossip Girl recently, recommended by a friend. At first I wasn’t so sure about it because it felt like one of them bitchy dramas where it’s all just cat fights and not much storyline at all. I was wrong. You feel for the characters and every episodes shows you a glimpse past theirĀ glamorousĀ life explaining the reason to why they act that way. Very interesting. And who is it that reports all these scandals and truths behind them masks of people? Gossip Girl, who she is she’ll never tell. XOXO

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