Bubbi T-Shirt Review

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BubzBeauty (Lindsy Tsang), or Bubbi for short, is a “Beauty Guru” on YouTube. She posts make-up tutorials and skincare regimes for all her subscribers and fans to view. Bubbi also has her own comedy channel on YouTube called Bubbiosity where she makes a fool out of herself -obviously.

Bubbi’s passion doesn’t lie in make-up but in fashion and has therefore jetted off to Hong Kong to pursue her career down this path. She has also set up her own clothing line on her website, selling t-shirts and for a brief moment of time skirts as well. There is also a prospect of her selling a line of make-up brushes in the near future. She has designed and manufactured a set of brushes which will be available on her site in the near future.

I have purchased 3 t-shirts from her clothing range, 2 from her first collection and 1 from the second collection. Click the “more” link to read my review.

I love you tee – Pink (2009)

This pink tee is an over sized tee for that off-the-shoulder look. It is made of cotton thus having a soft and comfy texture on your skin. The design is printed on the front and back of the t-shirt. Where a small heart shape can be found on the bottom right corner of the back. The typography is of a brushscript font and seems as if someone had painted directly onto the top. I liked this feature very much and have been wearing this top on numerous occasions. However I would recommend ladies with a small frame to wear a tank top/strap top/vest/halterneck underneath unless they want part of their bra on display in public.

BasketBall Top ’86 – Blue (2009)

Again, this is an off-the-shoulder cutting or a scoop neck tee. I’d recommend wearing it during the Summer months due to it’s basketball reference. Teaming it with a halter neck top (yellow or white) with a thin strap plus shorts would compliment the BBshirt very well. The ’86 is printed on the shirt with very bold colours.

Bubbi smile t-shirt in Yellow and Navy
Modelling the Bubbi Smile Tee

Smile Tee – Navy (2010)


This tee is printed in the same way as the ‘I Love U’ tee. The huge smile on the front of the tee spreads across the full length of the waist. The sleeves are longer than a normal tee (3/4 length)There is also the word ‘smile’ printed along the left hand sleeve. You are able to wear this tee on its own or with a long sleeve underneath I’ve worn it with a short-sleeved turtle neck and it looks great in the winter months! This tee comes in two different colours (see pics).

All Bubbi t-shirts are very versitile and very comfortable to wear due to being a free-size. All tops come in various sizes, some with different cuttings. However they may be pricey to some people. As it’s nearing Summer, I think it’s time to get all them t-shirts out and a Bubbi tee is¬†definitely¬†a t-shirt suitable for the sunny weather!

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