Cinema outings with my Wifey

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As it’s not long before my friend jets off for Hong Kong, we decided that it’ll be a good idea to meet up and go watch a film (or three) together and say our goodbyes… We both have Cineworld Unlimited cards which allows us to watch as many films as we like and pay a set monthly fee. It works out that it’ll be a great deal if you see 4 films every month (one per week) but being too lazy to meet up every week we do movie marathons instead and end up watching 2-3 movies in a go and make a day of it…

Last time, we went to see Tangled 3D first followed by Black Swan. I was slightly disappointed that the 3D effect was used sparingly in Tangled to the point that I forgot it was a 3D movie! So it seemed a slight waste of money to watch in 3D… However, it was a very good film and I enjoyed it very much :) It has a very fantasy fairytale and princessy feel but not so much of the latter which I like. The way it was advertised and marketed was very clever. You’d think it’ll follow something along the lines of the princess being locked in a castle, who escapes and “all the king’s men and all the king’s horses couldn’t put her back in the tower again” but it didn’t! I was very surprised. A great family film indeed.

I found Black Swan interesting yet confusing as you follow Nina’s role to becoming the Black Swan… Although it is somewhat perceptual, it still boggles the mind and makes some people jump (the woman behind me wasn’t helping) and wince when you see some blood and flesh. The story was very abstract where most of the scenes the viewer sees are actually Nina’s imagination and thoughts. So the viewer follows her determination (to the extent that she starts losing it) as she tries to climb her way to the top through greed and lust.

We shall be doing a movie marathon tomorrow and aim to cram four films in the afternoon (haha!). Films we’re planning to see are:

  • Rio
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Beastly
  • Fast & Furious 5

Shall see how we do and if we’ll be able to fit dinner in between… Who has seen these movies before? Were they any good?


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