Days that go up and then down hill…

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So today was one of them up and down hill days. It starts off great but ends up sh1te, because that’s how the world works – balanced. I woke up in the morning knowing I had a schedule laid out in my mind for the day ahead of me.

Went to Chinese school where I studied 2 hours of Manadarin. That was fun. I still need to practice my tones and pronunciation though… Gotta get my head around them >_< Anywhoo, today was the school chairman’s birthday. He turned 50 and so there was a small surprise birthday party at the end of the school day where there was a table full of glorious food! Yum yum yum! There were noodles, rice, yam cakes, 2 types of cake (the really nice one which had lots of fruits on and coconut baked into the base went in a flash! TT_TT Didn’t get a slice XP), chicken wings and red bean sweet-soup! Luuurvely :) Saved us cooking a meal for dinner hahahaha!

Came home and I started watching youtube videos and then I was so engrossed with comedy videos by HappySlip, WongFuProductions, NigaHiga, KevJumba etc. I totally forgot the time!

I had to bid on this garden table for my Aunt’s friend who gave me all the details I needed and left me to it. NOT! She somehow panicked at the last minute thinking that I still hadn’t placed a bid on the listing when it only had 7 minutes left and thus thought it was a good idea of placing a bid of her own without telling me first… So when I checked at the last minute I saw there was an anonymous bidder and what do I do? I enter the max amount I ws told to put to secure the item. I ended up winning the bid so I instantly log into my email to notify said friend about it. This was when I found out about her bidding on the same item and that I didn’t have to bother no more. Why would you ask someone of a favour and then think at the last minute, “fuck this I don’t think she’s gonna bid on it… I might as well do it myself”?!?!?!?!?! Apparently she tried to call me but couldn’t get through. Pfffffft.

So not I’m at the point in explaining with the seller that I don’t want the item anymore as my aunt’s friend has actually bidded on the same item… Uuuugh~ Such a chore! Hopefully it’ll be alright as the difference of the bids was only £2 XD

On another note a friend of mine is in depression and is being very negative and pessimistic at the moment. It’s driving all his friends insane. We all know it’s because of a girl but he denies it. (YOU KNOW WE’RE RIGHT MAN! ¬_¬) He says he’s now focusing on his job (or so called career) and because of this he’s not coming to Spain anymore… PHALANGUS! So now we’re two men short (another friend dropped out too) after we’ve booked all the villas and apartments needed. *sigh* Why do some of us bother organising something nice for once? At least we know for sure there will be 5 friends (me included) going :) Can’t wait!

Also… I’m graduating from my BA degree in Digital Media in July 2011!! So exciting to finally be free from studies!


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