HC-104 Circle Lenses

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As mentioned in a previous post, I bought a pair of HC-104 circle lenses to test and try out. Compared to the circle lenses I own, the HC-104 are a much smaller size which makes it easier to put on and shortens the length of time to do it.

Enlargement (3/5), Color/Design (4/5)

When worn, they enlarge the size of the iris slightly and lighten the eye colour (well my eye colour is a dark brown). There is an obvious darker rim on the iris which makes the eyes stand out and more noticable. They have a hurricane pattern printed to the lens but this does not show up, instead they merge with my current eye colour and look very natural. Sometimes people can’t tell I’m wearing them! Unfortunately they only come plano and thus people who wear glasses will need to keep their glasses on and would only be able to use these contacts to enhance the look of your iris (bit of a shame).

Comfort (4/5)

The comfortability is great. I’m able to wear them 6-8 hours comfortably, although I do have to carry comfort drops in my bag for them “Owie” moments. I believe that as they’re not “made to measure” they don’t fit my eyeball perfectly; hence the need for eyedrops. If you go swimming with them on (not advisable, but just to give an example) there may be a chance they’ll fall out easily and you could lose them forever.

Cost (5/5)

I got this pair in an offer (£13.90) along with my cousin who bought a pair of CM-835 circle lenses, so we got the shipping free. Many of the circle lenses on the site is still on offer and they do update regularly so be sure to check for amazing deals!

Overall (5/5)

This was a wonderful pair of circle lenses which enhanced the look of my eye beautifully. It is comfortable to wear once you get used to it and after a bit of practice, putting them in is a breeze. Great for a natural everyday look!

An now for some cam whoring pics to show them off to you! I even bought a nice new container to store them in :D (Sorry about the yellowy/orange-yness of the photos. It’s the desk lamp =.=)

[slideshow id=12 w=550 h=450]

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