I can make jewellery! D.I.Y.

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I never knew making jewellery can be so easy!


These were made while I was on holiday in Hong Kong to visit relatives. My grandma is an expert in threading beads and can make many beautiful shapes and ornaments! So I thought I’d ask her to teach me how to do a simple one. Thus I learnt how to thread a Strawberry =D

I used crystal beads to create the main Strawberry pendant. As these beads were really small it was perfect to be used for jewellery. Thus I created a necklace, 2 pairs of earrings and some phone charms which I gave some to my family.

Although it looks like a simple shape, it’s actually rather hard to do! If you don’t have a good eyesight or patience bead threadding is really not for you! Once you’ve missed a step of the process you’ll have to start all over again… (It was annoying.)

Another item of jewellery I made was a bracelet this was the simplest of them all. The only thing which frustrated me was trying to open the hoops, hook it onto the charm and then the metal bracelet; repeating said process 6 times per bracelet. I made 3 charm bracelets with all the materials bought, thus you can imagine how much pain my thumbs were in at the end of it all! At least the recipient of the bracelet loved them and I enjoy wearing mine everyday too ^_____^

Although the cost of the materials was expensive it was worth every penny since I like to wear my jewellery everyday and don’t usually take them off at night. They’re very durable and can withstand water (doesn’t go brown easily) which is such a plus!


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