Central St.Martins Art Exhibition & frolicking around London

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One of my friends, Rachel, graduated recently from her BA Textiles degree with a 2:1 (well done to her!). Thursday was the last day Central St Martins Art Exhibition would be open to the public. Lucy and I decided to pop along on Thursday to see our friend’s exhibition as well as other exhibitions too (but only managed two in the end). Rachel told us that it would be the last time that the exhibition was to be held at the Holborn campus as a new one which would conglomerate all the different campuses together. How exciting!

We went to the textiles section first and saw some lovely pieces. I really liked the different types of weaving and the bobble effect on various materials. They just remind me of them bobble scarves I buy (yes I love scarves…) and really want these students to make me a collection of pretty scarves! There was an installation piece which was based on smashed ceramic and how they could form small puzzle pieces that others could match together. With this concept the student created various triangular and trapeziums magnetic pieces with different patterns printed on them for guests to move around and place with the interactive piece; it was really interesting and I really could stay there for a day try to actually match up the pieces or build a robot shape…

Rachel’s piece was to do with the human anatomy and reflections – using light and various shiny pieces –, she collected x-rays of body parts including her Aunt’s (or was it Grandma?) teeth and her boyfriend’s pelvis. She took many photos and filmed the reflections of light when bounced off certain object e.g. a cheese grater (I’m imagining a disco ball here). Unfortunately the room was too bright when we went and thus her film didn’t show up as she wanted to :(. The rest of her display was of line drawings of a brain, tree, foetus, fish and skull printed on vinyl and applied to clear or coloured acrylic. The way they dangled from the ceiling and reflected the light was gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind her vinyl stickers on my wall actually, they’re really artistic and if you don’t stair properly you wouldn’t even notice the small alien/robot protruding from the brain (hahaha!)

Rachel's exhibition piece
Rachel's exhibition piece

Lucy wanted to see the jewellery exhibition which I thought was an excellent idea! I love jewellery and especially lil iddy biddy pieces – I just find them adorable. There were some interesting pieces like:

  • Chains hanging down from an extruded block of wood creating layers and this chandelier effect
  • Necklace, earrings and bangles made from iPod earphones. They were odd but cool at the same time. I really liked her business card. They had stickers!
  • Some cute pieces using small roses – princess like!
  • A Barter Bangle which offered a bangle of your choice in exchange for something other than currency – some people had some rather interesting offers!
  • The one I liked the most was an installation in the corner which had 2 pieces hung from the ceiling. Viewing it from one side allowed the visitor to see themselves in front of a mirror, a step and a crown hanging in mid-air (I was too short to wear the crown though! :() If you viewed it from the other side you would notice a light shining at the wall which produced two silhouettes of birds. The way the pieces of foam were cut and arranged was excellent! I was in awe.
  • Unfortunately there were signs dotted about the place saying we weren’t allowed to take photos (probably due to copyright issues) so I only took photos of Rach’s piece at her discretion and none of the others D:

Afterwards, we went to a place called ‘The Japanese Canteen’ to eat. When Rachel suggested this place I thought it was a canteen within the university, wasn’t really expecting an actual place on the street! The food was alright but not as good as Pompoko down in Brighton – still the best Japanese cuisine restaurant for students!

Once done we headed to Covent Garden to search for Art Box because Lucy wanted to see all the cute stuff. Ended up in the market place and the shopping mall where we saw a string quartet that were playing many classical pieces and were trying to sell their CD for £10. However many people stood upstairs on the balcony section, which meant they were just listening and too lazy to walk down the staircase to put money into their pot or purchase their CD however hard they tried to sell it. Guess they were given a bad spot =/

String Quartet playing in Covent Garden

We also popped into the David and Goliath store who were doing a sale on their hoodies which made me buy one. They were all so cute but I went for the Cupcake Lovin’ one after trying on 4 different ones.

The Sweet Lovin' hoodie I bought
I <3 it!

Close-up of the image on the front of the hoodie

The inside of the hood
Even the hood is cute!

We also managed to find the Art Box outlet in the Covent Garden area with the help of my Google Navigation (oh I love the app so much now) where Lucy and I walked around the shop twice, could have been a third time, until she bought something.

“It’s too much to take in the first time round!” she reasons.

The Icecreamists Sign
This place was packed and had lovely looking ice-cream available...

Afterwards, Rach had to leave early to take down her exhibition with the help of her mum and so Luce and I went to the Westend to shop! Didn’t buy anything lol! Ended up in Bubbology, a new place that makes bubble tea down in SOHO and has a science-y setup :D I’d recommend the place! I like their labcoat uniform – I want one! >w<

The Bubbology shop counter
They all had lab coats on with 'Bubbologist' written on the back!
Blackboard full of the bubble tea formula
Hehe I liked their blackboard with quirky "facts"
The formula for bubbly boba.
Notice how it spells tapioca? Luce didn't notice it XD
My friend Lucy
Luce ^_______^
Me with my Bubbology Lychee drink
The Lychee bubble tea was yummy!

Until next time!

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