Completed Degree – Playing the waiting game

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Managed to complete my last exam last Monday, hoping I did well but I personally do worse on exams than on coursework… (as my results reflect this u_u) All I that is left to do now is party, and wait; so it begins… the waiting game.

Anywhoo, I’m really happy to have completed my studies and don’t think I’ll enter further education for this coming year because I’m frankly tired of the student lifestyle and wish to save up money to enjoy my life J Really looking forward to travelling and going on holiday with friends. So exciting! Our first stop is going to be in Barcelona, Spain. Hopefully everything will go according to plan and no mishaps *fingers crossed* gonna have to try to stay away from the raw stuff because of the e coli business.

So what have I been up to since not having to go to uni? LAZE ABOUT OF COURSE! Hahahaha although watching TV/dramas/DVDs all day long can get boring and make your bum hurt a lot.

I also got up to a lot of cake baking because I’ve recently obtained a Chiffon Cake recipe from my uncle who makes amazing Asian desserts and it took me a lot (and I mean A LOT) of attempts to make it right…

First I tried to make it using a microwave… yes I really wanted to make a cake in a microwave… I failed, miserably.

My failed attempt to make a cake in a microwave.
My attempt to make a cake in a microwave. It drooped and became a soggy pancake :(

Next I tried to make cupcakes with my lil cousin :) These came out nice but a tad tangy because I added too much Tartar powder ^^;; Still we made them look pretty!

cupcakes with butter icing
We made a total of 12 cupcakes all with a different decoration :D
A and R initials on two cupcakes
I decorated the little cupcakes with butter icing so my lil cousin could decorate them ^__^

It’s also my brother’s birthday tomorrow, so I baked a birthday cake earlier in the week since I was free :D T’was a yummy pandan cake with vanilla cream smothered on top :D He loved it hehehe! That’s all that matters to me because I know he told mum that he specifically wanted a chocolate cake (why does everyone seems to want choco cake? Am I the only one who’s not entirely fond of chocolate cake? I just find it too sweet for my liking…)
I made a total of 2 cakes (medium and large), and many many cupcakes. I also had lots of cream left over from decorating the birthday cake so what do I do? Make the cupcakes into butterfly cakes! So cute! Baking is so fun but the process does take a while to perfect! Took me all afternoon! Hahahaha. Was fun though ^____________^

Burnt birthday cake...
The oven I used was too hot and so it burnt the top of the Pandan cake...
Made lots of cupcakes and saved the birthday cake.
Managed to save it and turn the cupcakes into Butterfly cakes!

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