Pandaeyes – A poem for Diana

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Pandaeyes - A sketch of my friend as a PandaPandaeyes, a sketch of Dee.

My friend Diana (Dee) always complains she has pandaeyes due to lack of sleep and being very busy (playing games…) to have any restful sleep. She has therefore adopted the nickname Pandaeyes which she would usually name her online presence/characters with. I have therefore dedicated the poem below to her because she is such a special person and a great friend. Plus she complains about insomnia and her eyebags alot! Hehe. Dee had been there for me during the hard times and the fun times of my life for the past 2 years and I appreciate her efforts for being my lovely friend. I love you Deeeeee~! (Despite however cheesy it sounds ahahaha!)


(It’s her birthday today!!)

As you’re reading this we’d be in sunny Spain enjoying the scenery, the¬†architecture, the weather… and our friends! :) (Oh and possibly clubbing too XDD)

Pandaeyes, written by Kekidoll.

Pandaeyes, pandaeyes, oh sweet pandaeyes.
Beautiful, sweet and so funny.
Your voice is just like sweet honey.
Your laughter reminds me of Matsuka,
Yes, that “court jester” Matsuka.
Through thick and thin,
I’ll always be your twin.
Simple and difficult times,
You always stay by my side.
I can always hang my hat on you.
*plops a hat on you*
Pandaeyes, pandaeyes, oh sweet pandaeyes.
Go sleep please Pandaeyes.

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