Skin 79 B.B Cream Minature Set (Black) Review

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Skin 79 BB CreamsMy cousin had been raving about her BB cream (Blemish Balm Cream) for a while now about how it’s really good and makes the skin look naturally beautiful as if you weren’t wearing any makeup. I’ve been meaning to try this out since it’s very popular in Asia (especially among Korean celebrities) and I needed something I could use during the Summer months that wasn’t sticky or smear when sweating (ew I know but I do have an oily forehead which makes it look shiny in the afternoon/evening which I hate. Need a matt moisturiser!). I sought out some reviews on youtube about the various BB Creams and found that the Missha BB creams were the most popular and there was Lioele’s Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in Purple and Green which have different properties.

  • Purple for evening out skin tones and brightening skin
  • Green to reduce redness and cover blemishes

There are many BB creams available but after reading a range I wanted to try some samples as my skin is rather dark. BB Creams usually have a whitening effect and are for the fair skinned; I for one am not fair skinned…

There weren’t many samples available on EBay for the products mentioned above and I didn’t really want to splash out on a 35/40ml bottle which wouldn’t suit my skin – it would just be a waste. After a while searching, I came across the Skin 79 B.B Cream Minature Set that offered four different creams in minature 5g tubes. Great for travelling! Each tube had different properties but worked the same way. So I went ahead to purchase the product.

A week or so later…

When unpackaged, the products come in a black box containing the 5 tubes in a vaccum blown platic holder (pictured). I also got a small sample as a bonus! I found that with BB Creams only a tiny amount (5p size) is required to cover the whole face and it would last you the whole day. Some users may prefer to reapply during the day when necessary but I found the coverage Okay to last me throughout the day. Too much and my face goes a totally lighter shade. Don’t forget the neck when applying!

Skin79 Miniature BB Cream Set


All the BB Creams from this collection was very easy to apply and very smooth on first touch. The coverage isn’t that great but it does give a smooth and dewy look to the face. I have been commented that my skin does look really good and almost poreless on some occasions.

Lioele BB Cream

This BB cream was way too light for me, even with a small amount dotted on the skin it made me look like a ghost and I would recommend this one for the very light skinned. The texture is very smooth although feels heavy and thick; you feel that something is clinging on your face.

Skin 79 Super+ Hot Pink

I really like this one, on first application it felt as if the cream was too light in colour for me but after it has sunk in and applied fully (till there are no signs of the cream left), the cream gives the skin colour a lighter shade but if made to match the neck seamlessly, no one would notice you have BB cream on. The BB cream is very light and non-sticky upon touch.

Coverage isn’t exactly great as spots will still show through although blemishes wouldn’t appear obvious.

Super+ Gold and Caviar

The formula for this one is the same a the Pink one, but has an extra anti-wrinkle agent that helps prevent and/or smoothes wrinkles.


This formula brightens up the face and also includes a shimmer to the liquid. This is perfect for that night out where you want to shine and stand-out from the crowd.

I didn’t apply this to the face fully because I didn’t want my face all glittery. Instead, I applied it to the eye and cheek area to make them shimmer when it catches the light.

The Prestige Diamond

I used this up first. The formula adapted to the skin colour well and didn’t show signs of lightening the colour of the skin. It covered redness and slightly of blemishes.

Overall each tube (5ml) lasted me around two-three weeks (daily application) and just under two months for the whole packet before I went ahead and bought myself a full 40g bottle of the Hot Super+ Pink BB Cream. I shall be taking a miniature version of this BB cream with me on holiday next week in sunny Spain. Shall let you know if it melts and how well it holds up!

Super+ Hot Pink BB Cream 40g and Miniature

I hope this helps people looking to buy or test out BB creams! Take Care.

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