D.I.Y. Qee Model – Painting PChan

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It was my friend Chung’s birthday recently and I hadn’t actually bought him anything yet! I did think about designing a t-shirt and getting it printed but when I went shopping in London the other day I found these Kidrobot figurines that I wanted when I saw them in Brighton so I bought a few :D This one was a D.I.Y Qee model in the shape of a pig though which I turned into Pchan for his birthday; since his nickname is PChan I thought it would be cool!


I used sponges, Acrylic paints, a mini artist’s paint palette and the pig shaped Mini Qee.

Art equipment ready to paint the model
Got all the art equipment ready!

First I drew the necessary details needed on the Qee to use as a guideline for when I start painting it.

Sketched out the hooves and face on the pig head
Sketched out the hooves and face on the pig head

I poured a bit of black paint out into my palate and used a small piece of sponge to start dabbing on the model. I covered the arms first, and then started on the body and lastly the head.

Painting the arms black
Painting the arms black
Painting the head of the DIY Qee avoiding the eyes
Painting the head of the DIY Qee avoiding the eyes

To reach the nooks and crannies I made a make-shift mini-sponge brush using a straw from Mc Donalds and cut a small piece of sponge and stuffed it to the end. Ta-Daaaa! Worked like a charm. It made painting small areas such as the hooves and the hand much easier.

Makeshift Brush
My makeshift brush to reach the smaller areas
Painting the hands of the Qee with the makeshift brush
Painting the hands with the makeshift brush
Painting the hooves pink
Mixed two colours to make a baby pink!

Added white to the eye area which made him look scary…

Painted the eyes on the Qee white
Painted the eyes white

Now I’ve tidied up the black edges around the nose and one eye. His head is starting to take shape!

Tidied up the edges of one of the eyes, now for the next one
Doesn’t the right one look much better?
Touching up the edges of the arms and eyes with a small eyeshadow brush
Got an old make-up brush? Use it to touch-up models!

The eyes took a long time to draw perfectly because one eye always looked bigger than the other so I had to keep painting on a huge patch of white and then go over the edge in black until I was happy with it; when I was I added the pupils and nostrils.

Touched-up head
Touched-up head with pupils painted on
DIY Qee model pieces waiting to be dried
DIY Qee model pieces waiting to be dried

After a coat of acrylic sealant he’s complete! It’s just missing something…

Finished Pig Qee as PChan
PChan stands with my Penguin cup!

His signature scarf of course! Made this out of yellow felt and black felt tip.

Pchan standing next to PC image
Don’t they look like twins? :)
Painted Pig Qee in box
It looks as if I bought it from the shop!
PChan standing out of its packaging
Escaped from its packaging

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my afternoon giving the plain Qee a makeover. This was my first ever mod which I think turned out rather well! I’ve been doing a lot of DIY for birthday presents, from DIY stitched chocolate to sock monkeys, which I will blog about in the future. I think they’re more interesting and also really unique. My next target it to make my Foomi into Kakashi-Sempai from Naruto! I hope that goes well…

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