Holiday Souvenirs from Hong Kong

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Don’t you just love it when your friends or family go on holiday and come back with a suitcase load of souvenirs? Where the best part about it is that a good chunk of it is for you! I know right? My family went to China recently to visit relatives and headed to Hong Kong for a day of shopping. However they only had a day to shop and fit everything they needed to do into their schedule. So they didn’t really have a lot of time to shop around but did manage to find a lot of stuff for me! O_O

Mum bought me a range of skincare products, this included two packets of facial masks, a mud mask and an ointment for acne prone skin. I have started using these already and am already seeing small results. Will blog about these later!

A variety of skincare products

Very cute bunny retractable headphones! The headphones remind me of iPod ones XD

Rabbit retractable earphones

Angry Bird items – Purse and t-shirt. Awesomes!

Angry Birds t-shirt and purse

Lucky Star strips! I just need a jar to put them in now XD

Many packets of Lucky Star strips

Some headbands with a lot of bling on them…

Korean Styled Headbands

A very colourful bag that has a magnetic clasp closure. The one on the left is my aunts. I thought it was cute so I stole it to take a photo hahahaha!

Tote Bags

I also got a whole load of t-shirts from my aunt, I really like the panda ones and cute little Stitch!

A range of cute t-shirts

An adorable bunny necklace (it’s rather heavy though…)

A cute rabbit necklace with pearls and diamanté attached

Then a Totoro toy to match the rest of my Totoro collection, but this photo is actually of my cousin’s. Mine is smaller and has a big fat grin.

Totoro Doll

My cousin also bought me a Kokeshi doll, isn’t it cuuute? It’s the pink one in the middle. Now it sits with my other Kokeshi dolls I bought back when I went to Japan :D (Hehe you can see my reflection!)

My new pink Kokeshi doll with my other ones

Kekidoll signature

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