Zippos Circus – Bringing back the joys of circus fun

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I acquired some free VIP tickets for Zippos Circus that is performing for a week in Goff’s Park, Crawley but they were only valid for their preview night (last night). However they weren’t really ‘free’, we had to buy a brochure for £4 totalling to £2 per person which, compared to the original price, is actually a good deal and very cheap.

5 of us ended up going last night and it was amazing! The show was great and I really enjoyed it! I even thought the clowns were funny! I mean, from all those horror shows and scary figures of clowns nowadays people are usually scared of clowns right? Well I found these ones very friendly and entertaining – as clowns are supposed to be. The part after the interval where the two clowns were doing silly slapstick humour and throwing water at each other was cool because they started throwing water at the audience (Evil thought I know but it was actually funny). Then out came the cream/silly string! Hahaha I love that stuff! Some of the assistants were walking around the ring with towels for the unlucky and they almost ran out because everyone was having so much fun pointing at their friends to tell the clowns who to fire at next; also joining in themselves. It was hilarious. My bf also got to High-Five one of the clowns, Fips, he was one very happy bunny afterwards loool! Fips also managed to invite an audience member to join him in the ring, gave her some instructions to do moves. Got her to give him a kiss on the cheek – where he turned his head and it ended up on the lips (cheeky!) – Proposed, got married and they had a child. Dawwwwh! It was very cute.

Fips and Beau the circus clowns all covered in water and cream
Fips and Beau the circus clowns all covered in water and cream
Flips the circus clown
Fips the clown saying Hi

I loved the Ulaan sisters, their contortion act was amazing! If only I was flexible like that, would make fitting into my friend’s suitcases much easier hahaha! Their Arial act with the silk was lovely too, I wouldn’t mind trying it out if someone would teach me…

Ulaan Sisters Contortion Act
The Contortionists, Ulaan Sisters
Ulaan Sisters Contortion Act
Their balance and contortion is amazing O_O
Ulaan Sisters Contortion Act
They did so many different contortions @_@

The artists who do balancing and flying trapeze acrobatics are superb! I’m amazed and in awe when I see them in the air dancing effortlessly to their routine.

Zula the acrobat
Zula the acrobat balancing in mid-air on many chairs
The Mighty Zulu Warriors
The Mighty Zulu Warriors playing with fire
The Mighty Zulu Warriors
The Mighty Zulu Warriors jumping through hoops and over each other

The Mighty Zulu Warriors came all the way from Africa to perform, they did many acrobatics where they would jump through hoops, over each other, skipping and also limboed under a stick lit on fire. It was really exciting when they had to limbo under the flaming stick held at 4 inches above the ground! I managed to capture the moment – Just…

All in all I really enjoyed my night out at the circus and would highly recommend Zippos Circus when it comes to a town near you. Beatrice did have to drive for 2 hours as she was doing car-pooling rounds via 3 different towns and then I had to navigate her all the way to Crawley which I then had to call Fai to ask for directions u.u;; After 15 minutes of confuzzlement he had to send me a map which was surprisingly easy to understand and made me sound a little stupid when I didn’t understand his directions LOL. Ah well.

Eating a Burger and Hot Dog
We were hungry during half-time and thus bought something to eat hahaha!

Everyone was also given vouchers as they left which gave a 30% online discount however there aren’t any codes so I guess it’s to be shown upon arrival… Else I would have shared it with you guys here.

Had you been to the circus recently? What was your experience?

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