An Indian summer in England?

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Girl relaxing in the summery weatherWell our apparent “Indian summer” had just passed which included the hottest day during the October month last week. It was really nice to have summer return to say ‘Hi’ during autumn but the weather change was so sudden I don’t think my skin was accustomed to it… It ended yesterday. My eczema got worse and I’m planning on visiting the surgery tomorrow to get some more cream. The last cream I was prescribed was a thinning cream and even though I applied a sparsely thin layer on my hand every night, my skin became very frail and bled when I scratched the surface by accident. I stopped using the cream immediately and the darn itchiness and dry skin returned :( I guess this is forever and I’ll have to keep applying cream throughout the day to keep it moisturised.

Well I tried to make the most out of the summer we were given and had left. Many Britons headed off to the beach and sunbathed till their skin tanned and basked in a summery glow. Others went for a jolly swim and many trekked to faraway places to enjoy a day out with friends and/or family.  I headed to London on Thursday to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a long time and missed, however the day was quite short and we didn’t get to talk as much as we intended to :( We went to Covent Garden (Art Box!!!) and then Leicester Square (M&M world, China Town) window shopping and eating and drinking. I had a little errand I had to run for my mum to get a machine fixed which made me miss out on about an hour or so of my day and was made to return the next Monday to pick it up. Lucy and Rach had to leave early evening and thus Fai and I made our way to Chinatown and I took him to a Japanese restaurant that was always busy but I never had to chance to try because the queue was always so long! I ordered a Beef soba and it was yummy. I loved the stock! However the beef had a lot of fat still attached and cut into rather lengthy pieces which I wasn’t impressed about since it made it hard to eat… Nevertheless I was reunited with Calpis which is a yogurt-y drink that I had in Tokyo and missed. <3
So since Rach and Lucy didn’t get to see and speak to me much, we are planning to meet up again soon but haven’t a clue where! Any ideas for places to go to around London or Brighton?? Write your comments below!

When I went back on Monday to drop back the replacement machine that was given to me and to try to pick up our old one, they had sent it off to be fixed and we’re not getting it back till another week later. Boo~! So since I was going out on Monday I made the most of it and called a friend out. We had Dim Sum then went to London Dungeon because he had 2-for-1 tickets (else it wouldn’t have been worth it in my opinion. Too expensive!), we were going to head to the tower across the road afterward but the place was shut (thank goodness! I didn’t want to be scared hahaha!) So we headed off to China Town to get bubble tea <3 then went toward Oxford Street to go window shopping. J We walked in Hamley’s for a looong time and played with the toys hahaha I felt like a kid xD Afterwards, we ate at Arirang, the No.1 Korean restaurant in SOHO. The Korean BBQ was delish~! I had enjoyed myself and had a satisfied stomach when leaving for home ^___^

We left around 9pm but I had just missed my train by 3 minutes (bah!) so I had to wait another 30 mins for my next train which ended me getting back at 11:30pm. Rather late! I also had an errand of my own to run too! It was my friend’s birthday on Monday so I dropped by her place once I got off the train. I knocked on her office window because I didn’t want to ring the doorbell and wake everyone up :x and she opened the window to find me standing there LOL! Handing over a present through a window was weeeeeeeeeeeeird. Hahahaha! She loved the cat bag I bought her ^___^ I didn’t stay long at hers though because my brother had come to pick me up and I was very tired by the time I got home and showered. X.x zzzZZZzzzzz…

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