Early Birthday Celebrations at the Office

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As I wasn’t going to be at work for my birthday (25th November) the whole office gathered in my room today with a candlelit birthday cake thinking that I would be sitting at my desk… I was down in the kitchen making tea so when I came back I was greeted with a bunch of lovely faces singing Happy Birthday to me :D It bought a tear to my eye as I was overwhelmed with joy. I was’t really expecting it but did wonder where everyone was disappearing off to…

The cake was a triple tier of chocolaty goodness. It was rather filling! There was a good portion of it left which I have placed in the fridge for cake fiends to enjoy it tomorrow and on my birthday since my family aren’t big fans of Chocolate – we have all made a pact to never gift each other chocolate (unless it’s really tasty then I wouldn’t mind hahaha).

The leftovers of the cake.
There was so much cake left! I love my cards :D

As for other early birthday presents I received, aside from those from the party I held, I got:

  • A lovely crystal encrusted teardrop necklace from my Aunt Mary
  • Milk Tray from my cousin (Apparently I broke the pact two years ago and this is my punishment…)
  • Honeycomb and Fudge Chocolate Bar from Nat & Adam – Sounds delicious!
  • Fudge Bath Gel from Nat & Adam – This smells delectable! I have been told to stay away from bees…lol
  • Floral Jacket from my Aunt Kiki
  • T-shirt with Cats made of gems from Mum
  • A huuuuuuuuuuuuge Strawberry chiffon cake made by my Uncle – T’was very light, fluffy and yummy! I have been told that he wants one in return and it must be up to standards… ‘eeps!
And that concludes the list of presents I’ve received.
I will be celebrating my birthday down in Brighton, drinking, eating and partying the night away; yes again hahaha. To finish, I shall show you all a photo of the delicious Strawberry cake!
A delectable Strawberry cake!
A delectable Strawberry cake!

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