Early Birthday Celebrations, Halloween and Giveaway!

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It’s been a while! I hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been rather busy with work and also searching for a job overseas to teach English. How exciting! It’s a lot to prepare and the waiting of emails arriving in the inbox as well as organising a time to have my interview is exhausting!

Speaking of organising things, I held an early birthday party for myself a month early on the 25th October. :) Why? Well it was forecasted that snow would befall the United Kingdom during the month of October. However this hasn’t happened yet and I just didn’t want to hold the event in November to find that a blizzard hits, trains are cancelled and that my friends and I will be stranded in Brighton… Anywhoo, all that didn’t happen and people preferred to attend it in October rather than November due to work – it was hard to take time off as it was approaching Christmas (YES IT’S HAPPENING!!! >w<) – but not all could make it :( I had lots of fun nonetheless! We went to Nine Rooms for 2 hours of karaoke and then walked through a very windy parade alongside the seaside toward Day’s Buffet Restaurant where we all stuffed our faces with food. I especially enjoyed the dumplings, sushi and the desserts. The noodles the chef cooked were very salty and I felt the need to actually go around the counter and teach him how to cook noodles… Didn’t finish them which I thought was a waste of food but I didn’t want to overdo it with my sodium intake… Once full of food we headed to the Pier, to go enjoy some seaside fun but it was closed! >_< So we had to find the nearest arcade to play on the claw machines as Kim really wanted to win a toy hehe. It’s a shame that there is only one arcade left in Brighton and it was half filled with gambling and slot machines – boo. I received a handful of early birthday presents (see below) which I all love. Thank you all so much!

My adorable and funny early birthday presents this year!

Halloween had just passed. Did any of you go Trick or Treating? I took my cousins out on Sunday and they were both terrified to ring people’s doorbells. The lady at the first door we knocked on wasn’t prepared for the early Trick or Treaters (why was everyone doing it on time this year??) and told us to come back tomorrow (i.e. GO AWAY!). I tried my hardest to avoid old people’s houses because I know about their hatred for little kids, plus they never have sweets. But to my avail I pressed the wrong doorbell and the old couple muttered under their breath “Oh For God’s Sake” and trekked up the staircase to return back with 2 small chocolates they were saving from their trip at the local hotel (well at least they gave us chocolates! Just didn’t know how long they kept them as a memento was all…) Since this wasn’t going too well I took my little cousins to houses I knew the owners of and thought would actually HAVE sweets; basically friends and nice people who live in the village that have children. Why I didn’t do this earlier I don’t know. Maybe I just wanted to venture out into the darkness and see who lives where (stalker alert!) Though having a rough start, we returned with a fair amount of sweets so I was happy :)

On another note, Krystal over at Essencious has organised a Christmas giveaway for everyone out there anticipating this festive season. She is giving away a necklace that is to be revealed once the giveaway ends and a winner is announced. So it’ll be a lovely Christmas present surprise and a lot of suspense!  Head over to the Essencious giveaway post to find out more details on how to enter now!

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