Hot Pot Birthday Dinner

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This time last Sunday, my friend Tiko held a hot pot dinner for his belated birthday party. There were a lot of people but too much food. There was enough to feed everyone twice over… I have no idea why he bought so much hahaha! After finishing as much as we could eat (till our bellies were about to explode) there was still a good half left! The leftovers should have been able to healthily feed him for the next few days – or until it started to go off…

Dishes of food for the hot pot.
There was more on the way...

There was a range of food available including,

  • Squid
  • Baby Squid
  • Prawns
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Fish Balls
  • Lots of Vegetables

Everyone have rather big round bellies when they left hahahaha!

We also played a couple of games that day, namely Mahjong and Spoons. The latter we played after dinner and I found was very intense and exciting. I had never played this game before so it was very new to me. At the same time, each player selects a card from their hand to pass to the player on their left. The aim of the game is to get a full house and once you do you have to grab a spoon from the middle of the table but there’s one spoon missing so you have to be quick. Setting up the game took a very long time – there wasn’t enough spoons in the house – but one game only lasts for a few seconds and it was VERY lethal… I was safe and didn’t get many bruises but some people had scratches… It really isn’t a game for the fainthearted. All in all, I very fun day out and I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves :D I wonder how Tiko managed the leftovers…

As for presents, Dee, Gen, Fai and I went shopping in town for some goodies and managed to find two cute anime t-shirts, an awesome watch where three dials (minute, hour, second) turned to tell the time and the user just reads the red line where they all line up :P We also bought him an adorable little keyring in the shape of a raccoon – parts of the wood was painted black so the raccoon looked like it was a bandit (Badass or what?) Here’s some self shots he took to show me his new tees!

Naruto T-Shirt and Watch
Naruto T-Shirt and Watch


He loves his One Piece t-shirt
He loves his One Piece :P
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