I’m back peeps!

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So almost a year later, I’m back onto the blogging world! I’ve recently bought my kekidoll domain back and thought I’d blog again :) I’ve managed to import all my previous posts but unfortunately the photos didn’t transfer over. I shall have to fix that later when I know what photos I took ahaha!

A lot has happened since leaving the online community in January, to keep it simple I’ve:

  • been to Taiwan to visit my friend (I miss her T_T)
  • attended two weddings (so magical!)
  • got a new job (woo!)
  • moved away from home (shocking!)
  • helped a friend sell at her stall at MCM Expo (did you see me there?)

I might blog about these items later we’ll see, but I’m thinking about starting little reviews on skincare as well as about my life in general. I’m still settling into the London atmosphere, the city is always bustling and doesn’t seem to sleep! It is fun though and the job is amazing. There is a lot to do with regards to design and the people are lovely. They all seem to eat though… I’m always surrounded by people munching on crisps, scotch eggs, toast, cornflakes/cereal, chocolate or cheese toasties any time of the day… It just makes me hungry smelling all the wonderful fragrance of food I sometimes why people think I’ve lost weight…

Well until next time. Ciao!

-Keki xoxo

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  • Looking good Amy! Thanks for helping me at the expo! <3 <3 <3 :)
    Also, can you link me on the sidebar please? I'll link you back on my links page too ^^ thankss xxx

    • kekidoll

      Heeeey! Sorry for the late reply, you’re very welcome for the help at MCM? It was fun ^^ Still don’t know what stall I should hold though!

      Sure I’m happy to trade links. I’ll put you on now :) xoxo