Mini Probation Celebration and Birthday Plans

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It is officially 5 days until my 25th birthday which I’m really excited about but am not enjoying the thought about growing older – I don’t really know many who do! I have a full day planned of ice skating, bowling and dinner at Côte which should be very enjoyable indeed! However the last time I went ice skating, I ended up whacking the back of my head on the ice… It wasn’t an elegant fall and I was surprised all the skaters saw, I was thankful to those who came to help me, but the staff at the rink hadn’t the foggiest! I was appalled! (Though I was too dazed to get annoyed to be honest…) My friend had to find some ice to cool the bump on my head from the bar but the only container they could offer was a latex glove. So I was walking around town with a rather amusing, sexy rooster looking comb on my head! Anyway, despite a rather embarrassing and painful fall I haven’t been put off ice skating and shall try to learn again! I shall prevail!

On another note, it is also the official end date of my probation period! *cheers* I have passed a hard-working and wonderful 3 months at my new Graphic Design role which has taught me masses about the online marketing world, plus increased my knowledge on e-mail coding! Coding old-skool style has never been more fun… To celebrate I ended up baking some delicious (they were very very yummy) chocolate chip and lemon cupcakes!


I think I’ve manage to perfect the baking process and understand the old oven in the kitchen (I recently moved out) now so I’ve stopped burning my poor little treats. My next task is to master the decorating process with butter creams, whipped creams and possibly French meringue frosting! (Maybe being a little adventurous there…)
Speaking of the French, I tried baking Madeleines on Sunday as my housemate had bought me the moulds a while back. They were surprisingly easy to make! The baking process didn’t take long either. I used a simple recipe and added chocolate chips to it, everyone loves chocolate! The end verdict? Tasty.


With love,
Keki x

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  • There’s nothing fun about growing old. I’m 21 and I’d like to stop aging at 23.. Lol.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday! :)

    • Thank You Carrie! I think we’re all young at heart and forever don’t want to grow old ahaha!

      I had a wonderful time thank you! Just about to post a blog post about it! x