Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 London

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A month back a little birdie told me that the Korean Group, Big Bang, was coming to London. I got so excited as I was a massive fan of theirs and was hooked on them shortly after they debuted. Tickets were on sale on a random friday and I knew I had to buy one for me and another for my friend Dee. They would sell like hot cakes since i knew this is the first time Big Bang will come to the UK and there was only one date… Then a friend of mine told me that O2 priority was promoting tickets to be sold two days earlier but you had to be an O2 customer; luckily Dee was on O2. So at 9am on the dot of Wednesday I was on the website trying to book 2 tickets as well as trying to decipher the seating plan. I wanted nice seats for a decent price and I managed to get them! I was ecstatic to be in the middle of the stadium with a wonderful view of the stage and of course all the members of Big Bang! <3


Dee and I had such a wonderful evening, they sung many of their new tracks, big hits and of course the song which made them huge and made me fall in love with them, ‘Lie’. *happy fangirl* the audience sung along to Haru Haru and it was lovely! For my first ever concert (no joke) I am truly overjoyed. I won’t forget Seung Ri’s British accent, “You alright?” He was adorable. Many of the fan girls gawped at Taeyang’s body and screamed every time TOP sung :p Daesung was always that cute smiling angel and GD had the crowd going. I was so jealous of the VIPs in the standing pit who managed to get freebies chucked by the members of Big Bang at the end sequence! I want a jacket and Seung Ri’s panda ear muffs!! Waaaa~ >~<


I didn’t really want to leave the hall, still chanting Big Bang in my head hoping that they’d come back and sing for me… Seung Ri and Taeyang’s wished us all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. “All I want for Christmas is yoooooou~~” *melts* okay now I need sleep XD night guys!

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  • Dee

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And nice blog btw :D I love the new style! I wish the night never ended :I

    • I knooooooooow! I didn’t want it to stop either but I think they were tired and wanted to sleep hahaha!