Birthday Celebrations

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My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I had invited my friends to travel to The Spectrum, a sports complex in Guildford. We went ice skating and bowling and then we had a lovely meal at Cote before heading home.

It was a wonderful party and I appreciated everyone who travelled a long way to celebrate my birthday – it was a 2 hour journey for some! As always, without fail I end up falling over and hurting myself whilst ice skating. Last time I had hurt my head badly failing backwards, this time I managed to do a Mario ground pound on the ice rink. I almost took out a person whilst flailing my arms according to my friend. It sounds funny but it was god-damn painful! I would not like to try that again but I doubt I’ve learnt my lesson and probably will go ice skating in the future until I am able to skate…

Amy on the ice rink
On the ice rink!


I booked two lanes for bowling but on my team we thought it’d be funny to give each of us a doppelganger and duplicated names on the board so we’d get two goes each. However this didn’t work out despite having tried it before with an extra name. The system couldn’t be “cheated” and only allowed us 5 bowls each per person L So we never managed to finish our game but it did “brake” the lane as we were able to bowl infinitely after the game had ended.

My friends and I at bowling
Waiting for our turn to bowl!
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