Christmas Cheer of 2012

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This Christmas was spent with family and friends, laughter and cheer followed by hitting the Christmas sales on Boxing Day. I had spent a-lot! Too much in fact since I manage to go over my spending limit on my credit card *cries*… I had just paid it off and shocked the lady as it was a rather large amount (I’d rather not say how much though); I didn’t want to incur any more interest or fees so I’d rather pay off the whole balance whatever that amount is.

Anywhoo, enough about the downfall of Christmas, lets focus on the jolly part of the festivities! On Thursday 20th December I went out with a few friends to have a lovely lunch in Eat Tokyo, Chinatown before taking snaps at the local Purikura.

Tofu Katsu Ju
I had a Tofu Katsu Ju @ Eat Tokyo
Mango Mousse Cake
My Yummy Mango Mousse Cake
Purikura Photo
Sleeping Soundly
Purikura Photo
Giant Hug!
Purikura Photo
Merry Christmas Folks!

Afterwards we headed to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to visit the Magical Ice Kingdom, a new attraction this year. It was amazing inside; there were a variety of ice sculptures and a miniature slide at the back of the room. Although it was small we managed to take many photos and appreciate the freezing environment.

Soaring like an eagle
Soaring like an eagle
Unicorn Ice Sculpture
Massive Unicorn Ice Sculpture
Funny souvenir photo when we were on the ice carriage
Funny souvenir photo when we were on the ice carriage
Magical Ice Kingdom
Sitting on the throne
Frozen in ice
Frozen in ice and my head is gooooone

Two days after, I revisited Winter Wonderland with a separate group of friends but unfortunately the Magical Ice Kingdom was fully booked :( So we ended up playing many fun fair games! Didn’t win anything though, boo~

Winter Wonderland
Us at Winter Wonderland

For Christmas I had a lovely family dinner and watched some films including Frankenweenie. It reminded me of Godzilla meets Frankenstein XD

All in all, I had a lovely time off work to see friends and family. What did you guys do for the holidays?

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  • Sounds like you had lots of fun! :D This Christmas I mostly stayed at home while friends and family from all over visited. The house was eventful with all the guests my family and I had over. It’s nice~ ^^

  • YUM! This food looks amazing girl! You’re making me hungry, lol!

    I wish I had a credit card to splurge on! I actually made a poor choice when my first credit card came in the mail when I was 18 years old. I maxed it out for one and after the first payment the interest rate increased – couldn’t afford to pay it :( That led me down a road to bad credit… It’s been horrible with bad credit!

    It looks like you truly enjoyed yourself! Awesomeness! Have a happy New Year! :)

    *P.S – I don’t plan to use YouTube to become an online superstar, just my blog. However, YouTube could definitely benefit me in some ways.*

    • Hehe thanks! I do try to blog and photograph all the. Ice food I come across but it’s hard to wait to eat hahaha. I’ve been on holiday before where “the camera always eats first” lol. That was funny.

      I actually try not to splurge on the plastic because it’s hard to handle all the finances if you do. I’ll get into debt otherwise! I’m using these cards to collect points, air miles and credit rating but I’m not so sure rating is excellent.

      I’m sure you can build yours back soon :-)

      Good luck with your blog and if you do join YouTube, let me know! X