Office Festivities!

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My office Christmas party was held at Bloomsbury Big Top Cirque de Noel last Thursday. It was a lovely event and very grand where the men had to be dressed in black tie and the ladies in dresses and heels. This meant I had to purchase a new dress for the party as I didn’t have many evening dresses that were sparkly enough for our Christmas event. Many of the girls in our office had to search online and offline for new outfits but everyone managed to look amazing that evening. It’s really nice to see everyone all dressed up and not in work clothes.

All the boys looking smartly dressed

The venue was amazing where there were circus acts being performed during dinner. The food was delicious but was not filling.  I thought the dessert was too bland or my liking, it needed some more sweet taste to it. I’m a sucker for desserts and I would always have to have them when I eat dinner but I wasn’t satisfied with it at this venue.

One of the aerial trapezests

George the Python
We got to hold on to and pet a real Python!

Nevertheless I enjoyed my evening with the disco dancing and a free photo booth. There was always a big queue and because the snaps had 2 seconds between them each, the photos came out really funny because we were moving around a lot.

Carried away dancing to Gangnam Style
We were all carried away with Gangnam Style
Photobooth photo
One of the funny photobooth photos we took

We also decorated the office in the morning and are holding a Secret Santa gift exchange this week – so much fun! Nancy and I bought the decorations, including the office Christmas tree, all the way from Asda! It was heavyyy~~ But I managed ^^

Posing by the Christmas Tree with Sparkles the mascot
Posing by the Christmas Tree with Sparkles the mascot
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