Wreck-It Ralph

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My housemate managed to get us tickets to see Wreck-It Ralph at a private screening before it was release on Feb 8th. This was only available to Cineworld unlimited card holders by booking in advance; the tickets were all sold out by the time we arrived, and that was 2 hours beforehand!

Tickets to see Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph is a film about an arcade that comes to life after closing. The virtual characters we see in-game live a second life behind the screen and travel via the wires to games central where they can socialise. The main story is about Ralph who is the bad guy in his game and is sick of being thrown off the building at the end for 30 years. He wants to be the hero for once. This is when his journey to change his life begins… He meets new friends, joins a ‘bad guys anon’ therapy group and somehow becomes the hero he sought to be in his own way. See the trailer.

Since we had time to spare and I was starving, we went to Las Igauas for dinner. It was a lovely place and my first time there. They served Latin foods and was very similar to Mexican. We ordered a few tapas and a main each and was so full up from the tapas!

Our tapas

We ordered Calamari, Nachos and Prawns. There was a lot when it arrived, the prawns came with a side of bread which I found odd because I’ve never heard that bread comes as a side with prawns. So we ate it separately and ended up dipping it in all the sauces hehe.
Our mains

For the mains we ordered Enchiladas and Pollo con Chorizo. It was so much food for us and we had to “roll out the door” when it was time to go view the film. Very tasty!

The film was amazing and I would recommend it to every who enjoys animation, retro games, gaming in general and a lot of fun plus humour. The story was magical and full of life. I also had not seen the twist coming at all!

It contains many of our childhood favourites such as Pac-Man, Sonic, Street Fighter and Mario. It’s enough to bring viewers back to memory lane! An 8-bit lane was created by Disney to promote Wreck-It Ralph in London!

Ready to watch the film!

Wreck-It Ralph comes out in the UK on February 8th! Save the date!

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  • ooh fun! was the movie good???

    • Yes the movie was amazing! It was funny, cute and a wonderful storyline! You should go see it!