Karaoke for Chinese New Year

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So we head into the year of the snake yesterday. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

New years eve was spent with a bunch of friends going to Karaoke in London. It was an eventful night albeit a little hassle and something I wasn’t expecting.

At karaoke

Aside from singing to my hearts content, I ended up looking after two rather drunk female friends and having to take them home because they were too smashed to be capable of returning home… One got knocked out by Tequlia shots and the other by Mr Jack Daniels. The guys and I vouched that on our next outing we shan’t be allowing them near a single drop of alcohol. I didn’t get back home till 8am on Chinese New Year morning. I had planned to go to Trafalgar to see the lion dance in the morning but that didn’t happen because I was too tired and the girls needed rest.
The guys rapping and singing

So my new year was an eventful one. I did end up singing all night till 4am though son I was happy about that. Just not from the stench on my clothes hahaha.

Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Did you go see the celebrations in London? Xxx

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